The YMCAs of Alberta encourage and support the newly elected United Conservative government in building a universally accessible, affordable, and high-quality child care program that supports healthy communities, a healthy economy, and a resilient Alberta.

The election campaign raised many issues related to the economy, jobs, and supporting hard-working Albertans. As the province with the youngest population in the country, investments in early learning and child care directly equate to a stronger economy. Widespread access to affordable, high-quality child care programs give parents greater opportunities for work, education, and training. More parents in the labour market means greater provincial revenues and improved productivity.

A recent report from Statistics Canada analyzed child care choices among parents with children aged infant to five years. The data shows that for 10% of parents, high cost was the reason they did not use child care services. That is 10% of parents that could be in the labour market if they had access to affordable child care. Our experience at YMCA of Northern Alberta illustrates that there are hundreds more families seeking child care than there are available spaces.

“Access to affordable, high-quality child care is life changing for families”, said Nick Parkinson, President and CEO of the YMCA of Northern Alberta. “Parents can work and provide for their family while children grow and develop in a caring environment that ensure they are ready for Kindergarten and beyond.”

YMCA is happy to see the United Conservative’s commitment to building our economy and securing jobs. In order to get more Albertans back to work, we look to the government to invest to meet the immediate need for accessible, affordable, and high-quality early learning and child care for all families in Alberta. As the largest non-profit provider of child care across Alberta, we look forward to working with the government on this issue.

About YMCA of Northern Alberta

The YMCA of Northern Alberta is a registered charity dedicated to building healthy communities since 1907, and we make a positive impact on some of Alberta’s most pressing health and social issues. From early learning and childcare, to employment and training programs, to housing and financial assistance, our programs serve Albertans across the province. We are one of the largest delivery agencies for health and social programs in the province with nearly 3000 employees and contributing $70 million to the economy through wages and benefits.

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