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With her two children, Ethan and Jada-Lin, just out of diapers, and the Castle Downs location right in her back yard, Melody joined the YMCA in June of 2010.

The Opportunity Fund was a blessing for Melody and her kids. Unable to work, due to complications from fibromyalgia, she needed a place to connect with the community and improve the health and well-being of her children and herself. 

It all started with swimming lessons. Ethan and Jada-Lin jumped right in and the YMCA’s Aquatic Supervisors were there to help. Both kids had unique needs: due to surgery for hearing impairment, Ethan had to be careful to protect his ears while in the water; Jada-Lin was suffering from PTSD and body issues – so the Y did everything they could to make her feel comfortable in and out of the water.

Melody saw the impact that the YMCA had on her children and decided to take the plunge as well. “I used to come the YMCA just for my kids swimming lessons, but now I come there for myself too. I take Yoga for Back Health, and it has made such a difference for me.”  

With the YMCA included in Melody’s fibromyalgia treatment plan, and providing a safe and engaging place for her children, Melody is eager to spread the word of how “this amazing place has made such a difference in our lives.”

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