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“All you can control is what you do today and what you do every day after today.”

            Brad Eves

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Hard to believe it is over already! 

My Final Journal Entry:

I have finally learned and accepted that being fit and eating healthy will always be a challenge. Every day is a new day, a new day to eat better, sleep, exercise; whatever happened (or didn't happen) is over and you can't change that.  All you can control is what you do today and what you do every day after today.  

I have a plan, a plan for my home work out, a plan for my YMCA workout, and a plan for my local gym workout.  When I arrive at any of these places I know exactly what I am going to do.  I won't always get 5 workouts a week in, but I also won't go weeks or months without exercise again.  

That's it for me.  Thank you to the YMCA and everyone else involved!



I want to start my journal for the week by saying a huge thank you to the YMCA and everyone involved in this challenge.  The staff has been great and so have the trainers!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Y!.  

This week was a struggle, getting back from vacation meant I had an incredibly busy week at work, I managed to make it for a swim on Wednesday but that was about it.  

The biggest thing this challenge has taught me, and my wife, is that this really is a fitness journey not a destination.  The goals we have set for ourselves are to make an effort every day to improve our health and fitness.  We aren't putting the pressure on ourselves to 'hit the gym 5 days a week - we'd love to do that, but it is simply not realistic at this juncture of our parenting lives.  However, we can be active 5 - 6 days a week. 

This summer we plan to bike to the kids' ball games, my parent's house for dinner (6k away) and head to the river valley for walks and runs as a family. Sprinkle some time at the pool, on the single-track trails in the area and a morning or 2 at the Y for me and The November Project for my wife, and it’s a pretty balanced activity schedule. 

This is obviously more of a projection than a reflection, but I thought it important to share what I've learned.  



A short update this week as we just wrapped up a great family holiday.

Last week we were in Palm Springs and this past week we visited San Francisco then we travelled up the Oregon Coast and looking forward to the fist night in my own bed! 

Over the holiday, with long days travelling the highway up and own the west coast, we managed to get in a swim everywhere we have.

I’m sure lots of folks struggle with maintaining fitness routines as the travel.  Most certainly it was a challenge.



Last Friday we started our trek to Palm Springs. We planned this trip around one thing: adventure. We decided months ago that driving would provide the most adventure and be the cheapest way to travel with 3 kids. On day one of our adventure we enjoyed a 6 hour stay at the border, it was closed at 11pm, so no time for a hotel workout. 

Second day of driving got us to Pocatello, Idaho. Nice little town with good accommodations and a pool for the kids. 

Day 3 was a 15 hour burner, which saw us driving through a storm in Salt Lake City (why aren't daytime running lights mandatory in the US???) and heavy traffic in Vegas. 

Now, in terms of the health challenge; it's been a hard week.  I have tried mini workouts in the pool  (end to end sprint races with my wife today - I won!) and today we biked 10 km for groceries.

I have been much more aware of food, asking myself if I am going to benefit from eating or drinking certain things.  I am on holidays though, so a poolside beergarita here and there has been fantastic. 

Next week we head to San Francisco and then up the coast on our way home. The driving hours will be shorter so I'm hoping to get in a few workouts at those hotels. 

I'm looking forward to hearing the successes of the other participants soon! 



This week was about par for the course - when it comes to up's and downs. 

Sleep was hard to come by, which made it challenging to get up in the morning for a workout.  The good news - I had hockey Monday, swam Wednesday and swam Friday.

Making the workouts a priority is something that most folks struggle dealing with – and winter can be challenging with heavy workloads, vacation breaks and family activities…

The struggle continues… I’m motivated but time and energy remains a challenge!



The last couple of weeks have been a struggle for sure. Sleep has been a challenge! 

My week was ok, I had a workout scheduled for Tuesday but we had a long night so I slept right through my alarm. 

Wednesday was swim day and I made it this time! Had a good swim, feeling like I'm not drowning all the time. 

Booked a Friday workout with Damien, good times were had by all!! Hockey game Friday night, short bench again so lots of ice time. 

We have a team workout Saturday and this should be a good finish to the week. 

My struggle continues to be time and energy - not motivation. Lack of sleep turns into a lazy food decision and thus begins the vicious cycle.

I'm gone for 2 weeks starting next Friday; the goal will be to get in some hotel workouts, a few runs and some sleep!

Vacation here I come!



The week started off well; I was up early on Tuesday and had a great workout - this helped me have a great day!  My mood was good and I was energetic!  

Wednesday was a good day, but I got home too late and we weren’t going to make it to swimming on time - it was Valentines Day!  I didn’t think it was fair for me to ditch the kids with Kelly while I went swimming by myself.  

I planned to hit the gym Thursday morning, so I was at peace with missing swimming.  My son Teddy had different plans, he was up several times throughout the night on Wednesday - we are trying to ween him so I was up with him.  I dragged myself out of bed at 7:45 am instead of 5:45 and that meant the gym was not on the agenda.  

Friday started off well with a 1pm training session with Damien.  I asked Damien to plan a workout that would destroy me - since I missed Wednesday and Thursday - he did not disappoint!  I was planning on swimming afterwards but I was destroyed from the workout. 

I was able to make it to the group workout Saturday, which was great. Damien had a good workout planned for us.  I was tired from the day before so it was a great way to end the week and start the weekend! 

Next week my goal is 5 sessions at the gym.



This week was by far the most difficult week...

The children did not want to sleep and I was working a lot in the evenings. I had to skip out on Tuesday morning, as we were up for 3 hours with our youngest. 

Wednesday I managed to get to the pool before my hockey; we usually have a short bench so it’s a good workout! No time Thursday and then back at it Friday morning for a good workout. 

Saturday I am going snowboarding! Its been a couple years so should be a good workout.  Group workout and hockey again Sunday to close out the week.  I know next week will be much better.

I am inspired by Willy and Glenn, 8 hours a week they find time to work out and every time I see Willy she has a smile on her face.  They both look great! 

I am also constantly inspired by my wife and kids - especially my wife Kelly.  Even exhausted she will work out in the basement or bundle up and go for a run; she is way tougher than I am!

I look forward to building better habits over the last 7 weeks of the Challenge!  



It’s hard to believe we are into the Challenge 4 weeks already!

Everything has been going well; training with Damien is great, he caters to me and challenges me for sure.  Swimming has been awesome too, I have had shoulder issues in the past and I find swimming has helped tremendously.  The evening kids swim classes have been a blessing; I know I mention this every week, but it is just extremely helpful in my super busy life and this works so well for me, the kids, and my wife :)

I had an early hockey game Monday (6:45 pm - in bed before 1 am!!!)  and I was able to get up early for the gym Tuesday.  I swam Wednesday, as mentioned while Thursday I was stuck at the office all day and then I was up early for a workout with Damien on Friday morning, with another workout scheduled for Saturday morning.  

All in all the week was good, better for food as I had some poor choices the week prior, and great for my overall mental positivity  - other than Cannabis stock crashing today!  

Next week my goal is 5 sessions at the gym, I have hockey Wednesday, but should be able to swim first so it will be a double work out day - I hope.  



This week has been great!  Part of this challenge means making exercise a priority, and I have to plan my week better.  

My wife and I started having Monday morning meetings; we review work commitments, events or appointments for kids, etc. The process allows me to look at my schedule and say, realistically, when I can make it to the gym?  This week my busy schedule had me on two early morning workout sessions, while I squeezed in my swim on Wednesday with kids just before I headed off to the Oil Kings game with a business networking group - it worked great as I just walked over after the swim.  Unfortunately I had to cancel on Damien Thursday, as I had him sandwiched between meetings and couldn’t make it work; he made me pay for it in our Friday morning workout though!  

Easily my biggest success this week was planning and scheduling my workouts.  Monday evening I was vibrating with excitement for Tuesday morning.  I had a plan and, for the most part, I stuck to it!

My greatest challenge was managing my sleep.  I ended up working after the kids were in bed and it definitely cut into my sleep.  

On to week 4!



This week illustrated why I am in this challenge.  It was

an insane week, both at work and personally.  Monday I did not go to the gym, I had an 11pm hockey game and I wanted to be “fresh”.  The late night also meant that a Tuesday gym session was not in the cards.  I went swimming on Wednesday evening with my kids.   The two older kids are now in swim lessons so it worked out perfectly, this might be my favourite part of the whole challenge at the YMCA - just fantastic!  

Thursday I had my personal session with Damien; I discovered things that seem to be easy, are not!  I was supposed to hit the circuit workout at 6:15 am Friday, but a fussy baby all night led me to sleep a little longer, however I was able to sneak in a 30 minute swim at lunch.  I never thought I would say that I love swimming (laps) but I am close to declaring my love.  I have had shoulder issues in the past and the swimming seems to be helping a ton!

The week was great, and I feel that much better because I was able to de-stress at the gym.  I honestly think that my time at the gym this week was a major contributor to my success at work and the way I feel going into the weekend. On that note, tomorrow is our second group workout - I am excited to hear how the other challengers are doing.  

On to week 3!



I still have my group session on Saturday but so far so good.  Hit the TRX room Monday, swam Wednesday evening while my daughter took swimming lessons (how awesome is that!).  On Thursday my trainer Damien took me through some of the movements that he is going to be unleashing on me - this was super fun! AND there were photographers taking pics and hopefully making me look good!  Friday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:45 am and headed downtown for a circuit with some great people and a great instructor. Definitely a challenging workout, especially liked the ropes and tire slams! 

So far so good.  For me, the challenge is maintaining this level of activity.  I love working out, but sometimes I don’t find time for it; I find excuses, not because I don’t want to workout but because I don’t prioritize working out.  I am a better dad, a better husband, and a better employee when I exercise so this challenge is a great way to reinforce it.  So far, I found the program relatively easy to schedule.  

In the past, my only time to go to the gym was at lunch, this doesn’t always work with a busy work schedule.  This week I was able to hit the gym at lunch 2 times, in the evening and an early morning.  This was possible because of things like the swimming lessons for kids and the childminding.  



Hello I am Brad Eves from Sherwood Park,

The Vice President of Visio nominated me to participate in the YMCA Health Challenge.  After I was already committed I realized how badly I need this.  The last five or six years I have been really active, but as life with three kids got busier and busier I have found myself at the gym less and my eating habits have worsened steadily. 

I’ve been active my whole life.  I grew up playing hockey as well as a few seasons of baseball and lacrosse.  I still play beer league hockey and I mountain bike in the summer.  I use to attend Crossfit 4-5 times a week and was even coaching for a while.

In the last six-seven months my activity has been declining as work and family life has gotten busier.  Lately, working out 3 times in a week would be a good week; one of those three workouts would be a hockey game.

My goal is to improve my overall fitness and health.  Nothing really specific in terms of weight, more in terms of developing better habits and routines surrounding workouts and eating habits.