“As I continue on my own, the biggest challenge I will face is not having the influence and motivation of a trainer.”

            Chris Petrie


christopher petrie | jamie platz family ymca


It has been quite the journey and I am very thankful to have been part of this Community Health Challenge.

A part of me is a little sad that the Community Health Challenge is over, but I am also very excited to continue my personal challenge to ensure I continue on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have formed a strong foundation by the education provided over the last 12 weeks – it will allow me to grow even further and I fully intend on executing to my best ability.

As I continue on my own, the biggest challenge I will face is not having the influence and motivation of a trainer. Jenna Buckley did a great job and with her help I was able to lose over 30 pounds, build stronger vitals and decrease the toxic fat in my system.

The Monday Knights (the Jamie Platz group team) have decided that we will continue to meet Monday nights to help each other stay and track.

What has been really motivating is receiving messages in my inbox from friends that I have inspired, demonstrating the effectiveness of the entire project.



This update is a little unique as one of my typical five workouts during the week was interrupted with a Yoga session. The class was not what I have become accustomed to, with the demanding workouts of Drill SGT Buckley, but it was still something I’m glad I partook in for the first time ever. I see the applications it has to living a healthy and balanced life and see myself going participating even more. At Christmas “my best” bought me a book on yoga to try and peak my interest.  I struggled with many attempts to join in on my own. The introductory class was very helpful.

I have been pleased with my changes thus far and I am motivated to see how I look in six months, or even a year from now as this new lifestyle will continue to build long after the challenge is completed. 

I now fit into shirts that I couldn’t even button up. At the start of the challenge I was wearing size 36 jeans and they were tight around the old boiler (gut)! Now I easily fit into size 34 jeans! It has been a few years since I was able to safely sport clothes in that waste size without the fear of a crotch ripping open out in public or a button popping off and flying top speed like a bullet at some innocent victim!!

It’s been a super duper week!



I have noticed some serious gains in strength this week.

I have upped my lifting capacity and I can feel the positive effects.  Its’ nice feeling stronger and firmer without flexing.  It has been a while since that was the case.

I have decided to up my challenge goal for Jacobs ladder, from doing my share of just under 8000 steps to 20,000 before the 28th.  I am over 10,000 steps now and am very determined to make this goal.

My weight loss has slowed down as I can see there is a now an exchange of muscle growth.

All in all it was a swell week!



This week was far better then last week by far - a lot more energy and motivation. 

This week I did two workouts in one day, which I never thought would be possible or even cared to attempt - but that has changed!  I have started to shift my work out schedule to 5:30 am in the morning instead of going 5 pm at night.  I have found I like the early start - with fewer people in the gym the equipment is always available.  

I found with a 5:30 am start sometimes I have energy after work to go and do 20-30 minutes of additional cardio.  I find the early starts in the gym give me a boost of energy for the morning and I am already 50 miles ahead of everyone else when I get to work. 

My performance has improved at the work place and my ability to deal with frustrating customers is a lot easier.   All and all a great week!



This week presented itself with some challenges.

Work has been incredibly stressful and chaotic which can have a tendency to spill over into my personal life. The Health Challenge has allowed me to shift focus, for the benefit of myself when I am not in the office, so I can have a healthier and more enjoyable life.

I have started to notice a drastic increase in muscle tone and definition. This has become noticeable to the point that my co-workers have been jokingly referring to me as “pecs” in the office. I have to say, that new work place nickname has added to the ego and the driving force to continue getting in better shape and down the path of a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I have had an increase in drive to push my self harder as time progresses, but this was one of the more challenging weeks I had faced during this challenge.

With the cold weather this past week, comfort food was hard to avoid. My strongest craving was fatty delicious meat - like an all you can eat prime rib buffet.  It was tough, but I resisted and got through it.  

Onward and an upward.



I find what keeps me inspired are the drastic changes that I have noticed in myself since starting the challenge. Not just the weight loss but also the increase in strength, endurance, energy, better sleep patterns and just an overall sense of feeling healthier.

As time goes on I am starting to see the gym as less of a chore that I have to get done and more of an activity that I am really starting to enjoy. The progress I have made thus far keeps me excited and motivated to keep going.  

I now spend 5 days a week at the gym, including both days on the weekend – something I never thought I would prescribe to. I have heard that most new years resolutions fall off track by week six at the gym, but my resolution has become a habit that I am dedicated to.

One very noticeable thing from my change of diet is that my wastebasket is a fraction of the size by the end of the week.  I never realized how much waste I was creating with an unhealthy diet.



This week proved to be one of the most difficult!

I struggled with a back injury but managed to modify my workouts and keep up with my routine. I have found that sticking to my routine has been crucial to my success and staying dedicated to my weekly workouts has made me feel better.

I finally have the tools and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. Having a sore back also helped me understand the importance of using proper form during workouts and being careful not to push myself too far.

Eating healthier, and preparing healthy snacks for my workdays, have kept me away from the sugar-filled vending machine snacks. WeightWatchers has been really easy to follow and I am stoked to be down 20 pounds! 



This week I did three full rounds on "Jacobs Ladder."  

I really don't like Jacob, who thought of this concept, but in the end it is a great exercise!  

Jenna, our trainer, shared how each step forward contributes to an overall team goal.  My contributions to the goal will increase my long term stamina - I am sure of it!.

My biggest obstacle this week was not participating in the staff lunch.  As tasty as a donair can be it is not the healthiest of lunches and I realize that.  I opted for a veggie sub at Subway instead.



The second week has been running more smoothly - even with the exercise program intensifying somewhat. I have noticed changes in my body and my energy levels, which has been great!

I have changed my wake-up routine to include stretching and a fresh homemade smoothie to have on my way to work. The smoothie has added to my energy levels and the stretching is reducing my stiffness after workouts with Jenna and my remaining cardio during the week.

I find myself looking forward to going to the gym after work.  As time progresses the gym is less a routine and more of a past time I am really starting to enjoy the journey!

I do like seeing and feeling the difference in taking a path to a healthier life style.



After the initial group meeting I was convinced by program director Amy Stecyk to jump on the treadmill with her.  That ended our friendship briefly!  

Monday I joined the West-end team for the group session.  It was great to get to know the team including our drill seargent Jenna Buckley.

Tuesday I did 45 minutes on the ellypitical -  I definitely felt a burn after that.

Wednesday was the first one-on-one group session and it went well.  I learned new techniques and the motivation of drill seargent Jenna getting my heart rate up and the sweat flowing.   The following day I felt a decent burn.

Thursday I got the WeightWatchers online account going so I could monitor my intake based on the daily points allotted.   Under the guidance of WeightWatchers, the change in diet over the last week, coupled with exercise, has made a noticeable difference. 

I have shed a few pounds, actually six since Saturday, and feel highly motivated to reach my goal.  I did not go to the gym Thursday, as the burn was still rocking through my body, but I’ll be going  Friday night and I plan to go Sunday. 



I am a positive and adventurous individual who loves what life has to offer.  My adventures have included traveling to Europe and East Asia, and long canoe trips deep into the Canadian Wild.  These journeys are important to me because they teach me a lot about myself and the world around me.

The past few years I have had some circumstances that have limited my ability to travel. Every summer I still manage to get out for some small day trips down the river in my canoe. I also always find a long weekend from time-to-time to head out to Tete Jaune (stellar descents) for some fun whitewater rafting.

My biggest health challenge is to make time to be more active.  As an estimator, I am often strapped to my desk for long hours and I know that I must balance what I do during the day to move toward being healthier person down the road.

I was inspired to join this challenge because I am planning another adventure in 2018.  The Health Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to help get me into the shape I need to be for my future endeavors.