“I've found the training sessions this past week have continued to push me farther than I imagined possible.

            Glenn Grant

glenn grant | Don wheaton family ymca


This past week I've found that I've had to convince myself to go to the gym.  

Once I'm there, I'm fine.  It's just the wrestling with my thoughts on going that's the problem.  I haven't skipped any days, but I've felt like it was extra hard getting there.  

With snow still on the ground and more on the way, it's hard to imagine that spring is here?  I know that getting to the gym and staying active will help clear my head.  The key is to stay positive so I can keep on track!  

I need to focus on my progress and make sure that I continue to move daily and I need to celebrate my success thus far!  I've found the training sessions this past week have continued to push me farther than I imagined possible; I’m reminded of just how far when I experience soreness the following day.  

Although I'm ten weeks in, and only have two more to go on this program, it doesn't feel like it's coming to an end. 

I believe I am developing a habit that will continue beyond the program!



Down 32 lbs and feeling much better.

I have way more energy than 9 weeks ago, my clothes are fitting much better and I now fit into some clothes that I have not worn in quite a while.

I'm feeling stronger!  I had thought my week 8 group training session was hard, but this week's session topped that!  With only two people showing from our group we managed to get through the circuit in no time, so our trainer kept adding more exercises to fill up the time.



Still going strong! 

I'm at the gym at least 5 days a week on a regular basis.  I mix it up with the treadmill, circuit training and strength training. 

My last group training session was the hardest that I have pushed myself during these 8 weeks. 

I feel like I've hit a bit of a plateau with my weight loss, but I do feel like my clothes are looser than they have been in a long time.    



This past week has been great. 

I've been at the gym almost every day doing a combination of treadmill and weights. 

I seem to be more motivated than ever to make sure I make it out to the gym daily.  I'm starting to feel stronger and that's keeping me motivated to be at the gym. 

I seem to have bypassed the mid-February slump.  I'm hoping this means I have finally developed a healthy habit. 

Working out is a lifelong commitment and not just a New Year's resolution.  



I feel more motivated than ever! 

I see the results as I look in the mirror - down 25 lbs. and counting. 

I find that I'm going to the gym more now than when I first started the challenge.  I'm spending half my time on the treadmill and half doing weights and it's really starting to pay off.  My clothes are fitting better and I feel good.  This past weekend I worked one on one with my trainer Damien and he pushed me harder than ever and introduced me to several new strength training exercises.  I was incredibly sore the next day.  That means it's working, right? 

We're at the half way mark of the YMCA Health Challenge and I can only hope that the back half is as rewarding as the front! 



I am hungry. 

I cannot find baked tortilla chips anywhere in the city.  I had to suffer through watching the Superbowl without my baked nachos! 

I'm down about 20 lbs now, I have more energy and my clothes are starting to get loose.  I feel good and that's motivating me to continue.  The herd is already starting to thin out at the gym and I know more will continue to drop off which just means that the machines upstairs at the Don Wheaton YMCA will be less crowded. 

I know that by continuing, I am forming a healthy habit that will continue beyond the 12 week YMCA Health Challenge. 

The Wife and I have already decided that we will be getting a membership to the YMCA when our 12 weeks are up.



4 weeks in and I am down 17 lbs.  I'm feeling good! 

I am tracking all of my food with the WeightWatchers app and making smarter food choices.  I have pretty much given up my beloved Pepsi for Coke Zero, something I never thought would happen.  I'm also drinking more water than ever before. 

Like “The Wife”, I have been working hard and have been going to the gym more and more as every week passes. 

Damien, our personal trainer, is keeping it interesting by changing both our strength training and circuit training each week.  I can feel that I am getting stronger each week but it has been challenging getting to the gym after work this week. 

I drop “The Wife” off at the YMCA every morning at 6 a.m. on my way to work.  After putting in a long day, it's not always easy to get to the gym in the evening.  You don't always feel up to it, but you have to make time for it.   It's important and you have to make it a priority.  



Our first group training session last week managed to make it into Saturday's Edmonton Journal. I went into work on Monday and everyone had seen it and was talking about it!

I've been consistently going to the gym this past week to spend time on the treadmill, bike, weights and circuit training.  I'm finding that I am able to increase my speed and incline on the treadmill more and more which challenges me to do better each day.  The higher the incline, the more calories I am burning.  I'm feeling better and I have more energy. 

I'm down 15 lbs and my clothes are fitting a little looser.  I'm still finding some of the exercises a little challenging, with my old knee injuries, but I'm managing to push through or find workarounds with my trainer Damien.  



We had our first group training session this past Saturday and Postmedia was there to film it all.  It was definitely challenging! 

 We worked much harder in this session than I have for quite some time and we managed to do several exercises that I had not done before including flipping a tire.  Our trainer Damien is keeping it interesting.  I am already starting to feel better and have more energy. 

 My challenge this week is that I found it difficult to do some of the group training exercises due to some old knee injuries.  I played football and softball for many years and they were not kind to my knees.  The great thing is that our trainer Damien works with me to find a work around.  I learned that exercises can always be modified to accommodate whatever level of fitness you are at including old injuries. 

 My greatest success this week has been staying consistent with my healthy eating plan through WeightWatchers. I am recording all my food in the convenient WeightWatchers app and it tells me the point value of all my meals so I can stay on track. 

 I know that over time eating healthy and exercising are both going to contribute to losing a few pounds and feeling better.  



My goal is to lose some weight and gain energy.  I know that by being part of the YMCA Challenge I will make it happen. 

“The Wife” and I started the challenge on Sunday, easing our way back into an exercise routine by starting on the treadmill.  Having been away from this for a while, we were both a little sore the following day, but we were back at it for our personal training session with Damien on Monday. 

Damien took us through a dozen exercises that “The Wife” and I can do together throughout the week.  Some of the exercises were not so bad and others were quite challenging.  I have not been that sore in quite some time but I know it will get easier every time we do it.  I've been going regularly throughout the week to use the treadmill and I have managed to increase my 30 minutes to 60, so I am seeing an improvement in my stamina and energy all ready and it's only week 1. 

I've downloaded the WeightWatchers app and have started to log both my exercise and my food.  I'm starting to follow the points and eat healthier.  Dinner the other day was a chicken breast with roasted vegetables and some hot sauce to spice things up.  

I'm looking forward to my first group training session on Saturday.  



Hi my name is Glenn, I’m 53 years old and married with two dogs. 

My wife, Willy, signed us up for the YMCA Health Challenge so we could do this together and support each other.  If we are tackling this together, I’m sure we will see results. 

I love dogs, music, travel, camping, and the Montreal Canadians.  I would like to get healthier and see this as a great opportunity to start.  

In May, I am taking The Wife to Amsterdam for a music festival and then on to Belfast and Dublin.  My goal here is to get more active so we can make the most of our trip.  I look forward to working with the YMCA to help me reach my goal.