“I always feel better after a workout.”

            Mark Hill


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It has been a great journey.

I have definitely found that going to the YMCA is rewarding. Even though life is busy and frankly, sometimes I just don’t want to get off my butt – I always feel better after a workout.

Safe to say that my life has been changed for the better by being active and getting to the YMCA!

Thanks so much for this great opportunity!



I have learned that being active makes a real impact on all areas of my life. When I’m active I want to eat healthier, eat less, sleep more, and even brush my teeth more thoroughly (as strange as that sounds). Overall it just makes me want to be healthy in all areas of my life.
Unfortunately fitting in sufficient active time at the gym is difficult this time of year. I have great staff that keeps up with the workload, but I am still left to at least 12-14 hours a day in the office (whereas it used to be at least 16 this time of year).  I haven’t had the inspiration recently to get to the gym like I should and I can see the overall benefits of exercise slipping away.
I really depend on the group training session. This week it was yoga. That might be right for most, but it didn’t do it for me.  When I’m actually at the gym I like to push (or be pushed) so that I feel like I really accomplished something in the allocated time (away from (1) my family and (2) the office). 

During yoga all I could think about was how many tax returns I could have completed during that hour and a half.  Nothing against the instructor, but Yoga just wasn’t for me.



I made it to the gym 2x last week so that is a big success during tax season. Unfortunately my eating has dropped as hours at work have increased.

Sorry for the short report but Jenna worked me so hard on Saturday that even my fingers hurt!



As an accountant this is one of my busiest times of the year… maybe the Health Challenge was more of a “challenge” than I first anticipated!

It’s a crazy time of year as we help clients close off on 2017 for the annual taxes.  My personal trainer Jenna and I tried to connect but between her schedule and mine the personal training session last week didn’t happen.

I am grateful for the work this time of year – I have some great clients - but finding it difficult to get to the gym and stay true to my goals.

I am going tonight and can hopefully get this back on track this week.

Despite not being at the gym as often as I should, I’m still controlling my diet and eating pretty well. Over the course of the challenge I have kept my weight in check. 



I have struggled keeping my schedule at the gym.

I have tried to make up my lack of gym time with a focused workout from home – a few home-made exercises including: push ups, sit ups, work out videos, etc.

I’ll admit, my attempts to workout from home are nice, but I haven’t been great at it!

I’m still doing pretty well with my diet and have dropped nearly 15 pounds from the start of the challenge - so overall this has still been a very successful challenge thus far!

Thanks again for the great opportunity!



Things are picking up at work with tax season upon us – it is going to be challenge to keep the pace!

As work picks up, which I’m grateful for, it is harder to find time for the gym. I had to alter my schedule last week.

I didn’t make it to the gym as many times as my plan would suggest, but I tried to make up for it with other exercises and cardio at home.  On top of my missed gym dates, I also had a couple pieces of pizza on the weekend. I told my wife “I fell of the train”, but she picked me right back up and got me motivated again.  I have a healthy lunch today, again thanks to my wife, and I am recommitted!

I’m up to 1,950 on the Jacob’s ladder and had my first morning work out last week, to see if that will better fit my schedule. 

Thanks again for the great opportunity!



I have had a very successful week.

I’ve kept to my schedule and haven’t had fast food. I already notice a big difference in my energy levels. My body hurts pretty well all the time, but I still feel better and have more energy.

Jenna, our trainer, challenged our Jamie Platz group of four to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest on the Jacob’s ladder. Yesterday I did 500 feet!

Last Saturday’s combined strength + fight class pretty well did me in!! Unfortunately I’ve injured my elbow, so I will have to adjust going forward to be sure not to make it worse.



I am excited to officially be two full days into the challenge after returning from Mexico.

I have a good plan and haven’t strayed from it yet.

Jenna pushed me hard on Wednesday and my body is sore, but she recommended stretching 15 minutes a day and that really helps.  I am excited to see results as I stick to it! 

Now that I am back at the office I am sitting a lot so I am grateful to have something physical to look forward to everyday.

My greatest success was a demanding 40 minutes straight on a treadmill (walking and running) – I’ve never done that before and feel a real sense of accomplishment!

But it’s been a challenge watching what I eat. I am a sucker for good food, especially after going to Mexico. I’m 100% on track since Wednesday but I constantly feel hungry.

Thanks again for this great opportunity!



Monday's intro session with Jenna and the guys went great!  Unfortunately it has been downhill since then.

My family and I are enjoying our pre-planned vacation in Mexico. I did go for a run yesterday, (but I was late for dinner) but I have to celebrate the small things at this point!

While I am not looking forward to getting back to the deep freeze, I am looking forward to taking this seriously when I get back to Edmonton. 

Thanks again for this great opportunity! I am going take full advantage of it starting next Wednesday on my return home.  For now, its holiday time with the family.



I am a 35-year-old accountant that can see my physical abilities diminishing quickly.  When I was younger I enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball, but as the demands of life have increased around me the time devoted to keeping myself fit has basically been eliminated. 

I recognize that I am at a now or never stage of my life.  If I don’t start taking care of my health now I’m afraid my ability to manage it into the future will be lost.  I want to get rid of the soft layer that now covers my body, gain muscle, and find the love that many people refer to when they talk about working out.  I don’t want this to just be a three-month stint that I give up on after that point.

Aside from this exciting opportunity, I spend most of my time focusing on my family (my wife Marie and my three kids: Josh, Ben, and Nora), serving in the church I attend, and working to build my accounting firm (Hill & Company Chartered Accountants LLP).

In any rare spare time that I might find, I enjoy sports of any kind, but specifically enjoy racket sports and volleyball.  I am also gaining a greater love for the outdoors as we (my family) try to be more adventurous and take advantage of the mountains, etc.