“My personal goal of running a half marathon in August looks like it could be a reality!”

            Stephen Keppler

stephen keppler | jamie platz family ymca


Here we are, 12 weeks down, the rest of my life to go.

This challenge has changed so many habits for me; eating differently and regular exercise have done wonders for me. However, creating short term and long term goals has been the key to my success.

The group that meet at Jamie Platz on Monday nights has decided to keep meeting, and hold each other accountable for continuing to be healthy - my personal goal of running a half marathon in August looks like it could be a reality. Next month I'll be running an 8k race, and by July I hope to be running a full 10k per week. 

Goals. Are. Important. 

Now a few thoughts from my wife on my progress!

"Stephen has gained so much perspective and confidence during this process. He has developed so much experience and understanding with 'Weightwatchers' and to really understand what it has to offer is truly remarkable! I love that he knows how it works and what it is to deal with weight loss, and that is not easy. BUT he gets it now! And I love it! This challenge has changed on how he looks at food and his personal goals! He has dominated everything brought his way! I am so proud on how he has brought on this challenge and has gained such a perspective in this whole process! He has killed it!"



Honestly, before this challenge started I thought I would be ready to quit by week 12.

I am sad to be finished with both my trainer and my group, the Monday Knights. This was a real week of reflection on how far we've really come.

My own wife mentioned to me that I need new clothing because my pants look too big on me, friends at work are calling me "Skinny Keppler", and I've found that my endurance is at a really good place.

So we may be near the end of the 'challenge', but this really is just the beginning of something bigger.

I'm also trying new things, like group workout classes, which is something I would have NEVER done 12 weeks ago.

On to next week! 



Where has the time gone? Seriously, where is it?

This week was an interesting one. I found myself not caring about my diet as much as usual and I learned a thing or seven:

  1. Pie tastes amazing but wreaks havoc on my system.
  2. When you eat pie after eating hot dogs, your body will eventually pay for it.
  3. Doing serious workouts, the day after eating pie and hot dogs is rough, but worth it.

I love how much attention I pay to food and what I'm putting inside my body now. Yes, I felt guilty when I indulge, but I guarantee you 3 months ago I wouldn't have noticed a difference nor would I have cared.

Now that I've had my pie, I ate healthy the rest of the week!



This was another tough week.

The week started off so great with our regular group class as the “Monday Knights” dominated as per usual. Tuesday I got sick, and was out of commission!

But here's the good news! On Thursday I still wasn't feeling 100%, but managed to make my way into the Jamie Platz for my 1on1 session with Jenna. Boy I am glad I did.

After a gruelling workout, I actually felt BETTER.



Wow this week has been hard.

At the very end of last week I managed to tweak a muscle in my shoulder, after that got better, I tweaked a muscle in my back! What is going on??

I think something everyone needs to consider, that while going to the gym and getting exercise is important; taking care of yourself is also critical.

I will say, going to the YMCA does not feel like a chore at all anymore.  I have fallen into a steady routine, and I am undoubtedly pleasant about the journey.

We're on the home stretch with the Community Health Challenge, but this is just the start in my lifelong fitness journey.



Normally at this point in the year, everyone has a bit of a setback, a slump or flat out quits. Not me.

For some reason I've had more energy this week than I've had in the past month. I'm accomplishing goal after goal and am really gaining momentum heading through the halfway point.

I think goal setting is so important. It's not only crucial to establish an 'end goal' but it's also a great idea to set 3 week and sometimes even 1 week goals. Crushing a goal legitimately gives me a boost of energy, and if these goals aren't lofty and attainable, you feel as great about the accomplishment. 

So far this week I've gone to the gym 5 times and I aim to make it an even 6. It doesn't mean I should go to the gym and push 100% every time, but even going for a cool down run, or some light cardio is great for the body!

Right now “future me” is really happy with “past me!” 



This is the week where some people really taper off and start slowing down.

I have to say when it comes to the scale, I feel like I have tapered off, losing only 5 lbs since we started. But when I look at what I've accomplished, it feels pretty incredible!

This week I managed to shave a full minute off of my 5k run time, and am getting closer to achieving a personal goal of hitting a 5k run in under 30 minutes. 

I am also genuinely excited to go to the gym, and completing goals with my fellow participants, we call the MONDAY KNIGHTS. 



I can't believe we're almost halfway! 

This week was RRRRROUUUUUGH! 

After a week of vacation, it can be quite difficult to hop back into the saddle, but I did, and I'm feeling great! I honestly haven't seen a dramatic change on the scale, but friends and family have definitely noticed a change in my weight and energy.

We've also been asked to provide examples of what keeps us inspired. It may sound weird, but I think Chris Pratt inspires me. He's a celebrity I identify with, as he's very funny, and he's someone who uses humor when the going gets tough. He also had gone through a big lifestyle change over 5 years ago.

What else inspires me? Good music. Find something you love to listen to because that will motivate you to keep going. Some days you may not want to finish those last ten strides or laps, but if a good blood pumping tune comes on, it's easy to keep going. 

Linked is a runners rock playlist I created on Spotify titled, "Run Forrest Run!"




This week I spent my time in the Aloha State of Hawaii.

While my diet has taken quite the backseat, being active has not. By Thursday I had logged over 200 minutes of cardio and I'm not stopping. In fact I hit a personal best by running my first 5K of the season. At first I thought that would be a struggle but I just kept going and going! 

This coming week will be a real test, because I've had a lapse in my diet, I’ll really need to focus once I get home. 

You can follow me on Instagram @RadioKeppler to see my progress. Wish me luck!



Here we are, full swing into the 12 week YMCA Community Health Challenge.

Today was hard. I had a one on one with my trainer Jenna, at the Platz location, and I stepped onto the scale for the first time in 2 weeks. I lost 3.5 pounds. At first I was completely deflated because I thought

I had lost more than that but sometimes the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

I also gained 2% Muscle mass and have lost inches on both my chest and waist. Often times, we look to the scale right away for quick results and I’m not sure that’s a great idea.  After a solid workout, and personal evaluation, I feel quite proud of myself.

This coming week I will be heading to Hawaii, so I won’t get the group classes or individual work. Instead I am promising myself to get a minimum 150 minutes of cardio and at least 4 workouts, where I am working on my strength.

You can follow me on Instagram @RadioKeppler to see my progress. Wish me luck!




This week has been a complete reality check for me.

I've discovered that I have the flexibility of a plexiglass board. But there's hope! I am consistently pushing myself. After my one on one personal training session this Week, I decided to take it just a hair further and swam for 20 minutes in the pool. I feel amazing and can't "weight" to check the scale next week.

My greatest success - saying no to delicious carrot cake (it's 29 points!!) and watching what I eat. If I want to be less than 200 lbs by the end of this, I need to stay on top of it!   So far so good! 

My greatest challenge? My flexibility is terrible and it needs work. I never thought that would deflate me, but it kind of has. I will be putting in minimum 20 minutes of stretching per day to combat my lack of flexibility. 



First off, I have to say I’m extremely thrilled I get to work with Jenna at the Platz location. She is fantastic and fun!

Week one is almost in the books.

I just finished my first one on one with my personal trainer Jenna. Normally after a full body workout, you should feel tired, right? Wrong. I finished my workout roughly 2 hours ago and I feel like I have more energy than I did before. Why is that?

I haven’t noticed a thing on the scale, but that doesn’t matter to me. This is about how I feel, and I feel outstanding.

I cannot wait to see what week 2 has in store, and I commend my personal trainer Jenna for letting me be humorous while working out. It’s imperative that I be myself, and she not only allows it, but she encourages it!   



If you’re an avid listener on the Edmonton airwaves you’ve no doubt heard me during your drive home from work on 92.5 Fresh Radio.  

My biggest health challenge is having a consistent regime.  My weight will fluctuate so much because one month, I will exercise a LOT, and other months, I barely have time.

It is my goal to create time and always stick to my regiment.  I’ve been married for (almost) five years and IF we want to have kids, being fit and active will help me keep up with the little whippersnappers.

I was inspired to join this challenge as I believe keeping active NOW will help me avoid major health complications in the future.  As a former football player, dancer, and rugby player, being active will be much better for my mental health as well.  (Yes, dancer).