“I'm still struggling with getting to the gym with what is now a mild case of bronchopneumonia”

            Willy Grant

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There is no update this week.  

Still recuperating from bronchopneumonia.



So, I finally went back to the gym after a 3 week hiatus with bronchopneumonia.

I lasted 25 minutes walking on the treadmill and was wheezing most of the time.  I don't think I have fully recovered yet and will continue to sit out.

This is very frustrating as I want to be back in the gym.



Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans. 

I'm still struggling with getting to the gym with what is now a mild case of bronchopneumonia. Following doctor's orders for rest and recuperation.  I'm starting to get antsy; it feels like I have been away from the gym for too long.   

I hope to be back at the gym by the beginning of next week. 

On a more positive note, I have not been eating properly either and it feels like the weight is still coming off even without the exercise.  



This week has been a write off. 

I have been sick with strep throat and have spent the past four days in bed.  I've missed one of my training sessions with our trainer this week. 

It's been frustrating, as I feel that I veered off track food wise and all I want to do is sleep. 

I'm hoping to be back at the gym in a couple of days. 



Down 25 lbs and counting! 

This week has had some challenges.  I have developed bursitis in my hip, but I have been continuing to push through the pain.  Last Friday I finally was able to see a radiologist and had a cortisone injection into the bursae sac of my right hip.  It was recommended that I take a couple of days off from the gym - I took three. 

While the cortisone has not taken 100% of the pain away, it does seem to be diminished.  I am back in the gym and have modified my treadmill workouts and am spending more time lifting weights, which does not seem to bother my hip as much.  I don't like being sidelined.  I don't want to lose the momentum. 

On the healthy eating side of the Challenge, I finally broke down and cheated, although I still managed to stay within my allotted WeightWatchers points for the day.  I had some chocolate covered macadamia nuts that have been sitting on top of the fridge since Christmas.  After 45 days of no sugar, they did not taste that good and made me feel even worse!  



I really enjoyed this week's personal training session. I learned how to use some of the weight machines upstairs at the Don Wheaton YMCA. 

Our trainer, Damien, had us doing all sorts of new exercises.  That's what I love about going to the gym.  It doesn't have to be the same thing every time you go.  I still love going to the gym at 6 am to walk on the treadmill for an hour before going to work, but I'm also enjoying the leg press, throwing the sandbag around, flipping tires and more.   

My body is continuing to transform.  I feel like I am down another size.  Weigh in day is Saturday at WeightWatchers, so I don't quite know how much I have lost this week.  I can only hope that I go down a bit the next time I am on the scale and add to my 20 lb weight loss. 

That's what's keeping me going.  I'm determined to reach my goal of 100+ lbs lost in 2018.  



20 lbs.  I am down 20 lbs in 4 weeks. I am thrilled! 

I have worked extremely hard for this and I have logged close to 40 hrs at the gym to make this happen.  I've spent those 40 hours walking on the treadmill at a brisk pace with an incline, strength training at my personal training sessions with my trainer Damien and circuit training at our group training sessions. 

I have only eaten whole foods for the past 30 days and counted all of my freestyle points with WeightWatchers.  I have spent more time meal prepping and doing dishes than I would normally care to do but it’s been worth it!

Now, let me tell you about the laundry, it is non-stop!     

1 - 2 gym outfits a day, work clothes, pyjamas, etc...   

It never ends! 

I am sore all of the time and I have developed some new pains which have slowed me down a bit this past week, but I am trucking through it. 

20 lbs!  It has all been worth it.  With 8 more weeks to go, I am excited to see where this takes me! 



My week started off with my Saturday weigh in at WeightWatchers.  I went down 5.1 lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 15.1 lbs!  I have also gone down one size, which is pretty fantastic! 

I've spent 475 minutes at the gym this week either on the treadmill, doing strength training or circuit training.  The majority of my workout schedule is bright and early in the morning at 6 a.m.  I'm not really a morning person, but I find that it's convenient for me to go to the gym early on my way to work.  This way, I can use the treadmill and get on with my day.  It's also a great time to go, as the gym is not packed at that hour.   

I'm still challenged with the pain in my hip, but I'm trying not to let it slow me down. Due to some family obligations, I'm not able to make our circuit group training session on Saturday, so Damien kindly moved it to last night at 8 pm.  I found it extremely challenging to do a work out so late in the day.  In fact, I really wasn't up for it at all, but I pushed through and managed to get it done.  It felt good to get it done, but I felt like I had let Damien down, as I know I wasn't giving him my best. 

Note to self, no more late night training sessions, as my body just does not respond.  You have to find what works best for you!



I feel better than I have in quite a while. Don't get me wrong I am sore!  Just not as sore as the previous week.  I have more energy and I am sleeping better.  I can see progress!  My clothes fit a wee bit better, so I am excited for my weigh in this Saturday at my WeightWatchers meeting.  I cannot wait to see the results from my hard work.  Yes, it is hard work!    

I am so proud of the fact that I have clocked 535 minutes of exercise at the gym this week.  That's huge!  I've gone from being sedentary to almost 9 hours a week at the gym in just two weeks.   I never thought that I would have that kind of time to spend at the gym, but it's not that hard to find it.  

On weekdays, I go to the gym at 6 am and spend 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill before I head into the office.  I have my personal training on Monday after work, Group Training on Saturday and I managed to fit in a couple of extra hours of strength training on my own.  My biggest challenge this week came Tuesday night. I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep.  It felt like I had pinched a nerve in my hip.  So, I took Wednesday off and did not exercise, allowing my body to rest and recover.  Thursday morning, I put in an extra 15 minutes of stretching and I felt much better. 

At our first group training session we were doing tire flips.  Yes, tire flips.  It took every ounce of strength I had to be able to wrestle the tire up and flip that beast over.  It felt like I was doing battle with the tire.  It was pretty fun!



My goal is to lose 100+ pounds for 2018 and I am hoping that by being part of the YMCA Challenge that I will hit my goal.  I think it's amazing that I get to go on this journey with “The Husband” as it makes it easier to do this with a partner.  It holds you accountable. 

Knowing that we were selected, I started the healthy eating on January 1st by cutting out sugar, gluten and dairy.   I have switched to eating tons of vegetables, some fresh fruit, lots of eggs and protein that is produced by local farmers.  I like to know where my food comes from and how the animal was treated. I have psoriasis and I find that with my unhealthy eating habits it was getting worse. 

I was excited to read all of the WeightWatchers material as it showed me that I am on the right track.  My first day at the gym, was a bit of an eyeopener, looking around I could see that I only know how to use about 10% of the equipment.  It will be fun learning along the way with our personal trainer. 

I have to say that I am really excited to see that there are badminton courts.  As a kid and teenager I was a competitive badminton player that trained 7 days a week, played in tournaments and was ranked provincially and nationally.  I immediately reached out to place an order for a couple of badminton racquets and a tube of shuttles.  Even though I have not played badminton in over 20 years, I cannot wait to pick up the sport once again, who knows where this will lead.  I work downtown about 3 blocks from the gym, so I am getting “The Husband” to drop me off at the gym on weekdays at 6 a.m. so I can put an hour in on the treadmill each weekday. 

My plan is to incorporate the personal training, group training and my weight training every other day in the evening and on the weekend.  I plan to take full advantage of the opportunity that is in front of me and I cannot wait to see and feel the difference in three months time. 



Hi, I am 44 years old, turning 45 in mid-January.  I’m married and am going on this health journey with The Husband.  We have been married for 19 years this May.  We have two miniature daschunds, Nugget and Mel.  We don’t have any kids, but we do help to take care of my 74 year old mom, so it’s kind of like having a 74 year old kid.

I work in advertising for Postmedia and coordinate all of the features for the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Examiner.  So, a fast paced, deadline driven job that I love!  My passions are low and slow -  BBQ, music, reading and travelling with The Husband.  The one thing missing from my passions is being active and this is the year I hope to change that.  2018 is the year I will focus on me!  

I have a goal in mind and that is to lose 100+ pounds.  I’m going to be taking it day by day and will focus on what I eat and how I move to help reach that goal.  I have tried my fair share of diets over the years, but I always slip up.  I had already planned on starting a “diet” in January by cutting out sugar amongst a few other things and that prompted me to sign both myself and The Husband up for the YMCA Health Challenge.  I figured that we could use the help, so I was extremely grateful when we received the call that we had been selected. 

I plan to make the most of this opportunity and learn all I can while taking on the YMCA Health Challenge.  To stay accountable, I plan to record my journey via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I invite you to follow along and provide encouragement along the way to help keep me on track.