On Saturday, January 6th, the YMCA of Northern Alberta officially kicked off the YMCA Health Challenge at the Don Wheaton YMCA. 

12 of the 14 participants gathered in the YMCA Community Room to connect with their team mates, meet their trainers, get weighed in by partner Weight Watchers, and receive some fitness swag from the YMCA and presenting partner Subway to get them started.  It was great to hear about their different motivations for participating in the challenge. 

Participants in Attendance:

Brad Eves, Visio Media
Gregg Reynolds, CISN Country 
Stephen Keppler, Fresh 92.5 
Lorne Dach, MLA
Glenn and Willy Grant 
Sandra Sykes
Andi Eng
Chris Petrie
Mark Hill
Terra Biollo
Danielle Nault-Canning