Benefits of Membership

  • No locked-in contracts to sign
  • No cancellation fee
  • Hold your membership for up to six months at NO CHARGE
  • Access to four locations in Edmonton with swimming pools, fitness amenities, and full gyms
  • A FREE one-on-one fitness consultation to get you started and expert staff to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • More than 20 FREE drop-in programs for preschool, children, and teens - as well as leadership programs and sporting opportunities
  • Open 364 days a year
  • FREE continuous swim lessons for all ages
  • Indoor playgrounds, squash, racquetball, and badminton courts
  • FREE Play Care (child minding) is available so you can make the most out of your membership while giving your kids a safe, fun place to play
  • Early access to program registration and discounts on programs and services including Day Camps and Personal Training
  • More than 80 FREE weekly drop-in group fitness classes - including TRX, Bootcamp, Zumba, Cyclefit, MOSSA, and more
  • Access to more than 120 YMCA membership centres across Canada
  • Guest privileges

Which Membership is Right For You?

The YMCA offers convenient annual and continuous biweekly membership options to fit your needs:

2019 Edmonton Membership Rates

Membership Category Biweekly Fees Annual
Individual Rate Additional Family Member Rate Individual Rate Additional Family Member Rate
Adult (25-64yrs) $32.25 $29.75 $755 $696
Adult Plus (18+) $57.75 $49 $1,351 $1,147
Young Adult (18-24yrs) $23.54 $23.54 $551 $551
Senior (65+) $27.25 $23 $638 $538
Student (Full Time, 18+) $23.54 $23.54 $551 $551
Child & Youth (0-17yrs) $21.75 $15 $509 $351
Express (Don Wheaton Only)1 $15.25 $15.25 $357 $357
Family Advantage (Castle Downs Only)2 $66.50   $1,729  
Family Advantage Plus (Castle Downs Only)3 $110.50 $2,873
Matinee (Castle Downs Only)4 $21.25 $21.25 $497 $509

To receive the 'Additional Family Member Rate,' all members must be living in the same household with at least one active 18+ membership (Adult, Adult Plus, Young Adult, Senior, or Student).

GST is not included in rates listed above.  There is no GST charged for Child & Youth memberships 14 years or below.

1Express Memberships are available at the Don Wheaton location access, and provides membership access after 6pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends and statutory holidays.

2Family Advantage & 3Family Advantage Plus Memberships are available at the Castle Downs location only, and includes two adults (18+ years) and up to eight children or youth (0-17 years).

4Matinee Memberships are available at the Castle Downs location only, with unlimited access Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm.

As we update our website, if you notice any error please copy and paste the link from your browser and email us.  Thank you for supporting our charity!


Financial assistance through the YMCA Access Program is available for individuals or families who face financial barriers to joining our programs and services.  After all, nothing should stand in the way of pursuing a healthy life. 



Enjoy the added luxuries of fresh towel service, body care products, overnight lockers, steam room and hot tub in our adult only PLUS locker room.


Employees of registered companies receive 10% off of continuous biweekly rates, and a waived building fee.  Employee must have active membership for the benefit to extend to other family members.


The building fee is used for repairs and upgrades to equipment and facilities.  Effective January 1, 2013, the General Building fee is $55 for Membership or $85 for Membership Plus.  The building fee will only be charged one time per account. 


Program & Facility Access

Access Type Members Public
Day Pass (all ages) n/a $15/day
Facility Punch Pass (all ages) min purchase of 8 n/a $12.50/day
Indoor Playground/Family Zone $0 - FREE $6/visit
Child Minding/Play Care $0 - FREE $7/visit
Teen Night $0 - FREE $6/visit

Member Guest Rates

Guest Rates
PLUS Member
Guest Rates*
Adult $7 $0 - FREE
Senior $6 $0 - FREE
Youth $6 $0 - FREE
Child $5 $0 - FREE

Public Swim (Edmonton)

Adult (18-64yrs) $7
Senior (65+) $6
Youth (13-17yrs) $6
Preschool (2 and under) $0 - FREE
Preschool (3-5yrs) $5
Child (6-12yrs) $5
Family (2 adults up to 4 children) $17