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There's no job more important in the world than being a parent. But when it's not your only job, our YMCA Child Care programs are here for your family.

We know childhood is a special time when the seeds of future success are planted. Our YMCA Child Care programs are based on curriculum that encourages the physical, mental and social development of your child.  

As Western Canada’s largest child care provider, the health and well-being of your child is at the core of everything we do. At the Y, you'll find a group of caring and dedicated staff who make every day a special day for your child. The YMCA of Northern Alberta operates 57 Child Care programs, and, as a charity, we make no profit from any of our Child Care programs.

We provide child care from birth to 12 years of age, depending on the centre you choose. Each centre places special emphasis on the age group it cares for:

Early Years Child Care
School Age Care
Grades 1–6
Staff members are aware of developmental stages that go along with early years to guide children’s growth. Builds on the natural desire to learn new things, become more self-reliant and learn to get along with others. Incorporates the YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum. Provides care for children who attend a part-time Kindergarten program. Incorporates the Physical Literacy curriculum. Time gaps before and after school can be empty and lonely for kids, or they can be filled constructively and creatively. Incorporates the Physical Literacy curriculum.

Benefits for your Child
YMCA Child Care offers an array of benefits for your child:

  • Daily communication and feedback between parents and staff (written daily reports in Early Years only).
  • FREE YMCA Child Membership (only available in Edmonton and Wood Buffalo).
  • Nutritious, allergen aware morning and afternoon snacks.
  • School-age care provided during non-school days and holidays so parents are able to continue working.
  • Special events and field trips.
  • Wide range of physical activities offered to promote healthy development.
  • Connections to other families at family events held throughout the year to celebrate special occasions.
  • Monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on the events happening each month.

YMCA Mission Statement

The YMCA of Northern Alberta creates life enhancing opportunities for the growth and development of all people in spirit, mind and body.

YMCA Child Care Objectives

  • to provide a warm caring environment which will develop your child’s potential creative, intellectual, emotional, social and physical skills.
  • to provide a safe environment that is a natural progression from home to school.
  • to ensure that your child is cared for and is supervised at all times.
  • to hire educators that are experienced and well trained to provide the best care and enrichment for your child.
  • to provide a communication system that ensures parent to educators contact throughout the program year.
  • to set fees that allow the Centre to operate at a full cost recovery basis.

YMCA Child Care Values

  • YMCA Child Care is available to everyone regardless of race, sex, religion or economic circumstances.
  • Parents have the right to pursue work or education with peace of mind, and children have the right to a secure, safe and developmentally appropriate program.
  • YMCA Child Care families can access additional programs and services that the YMCA provides to support them.
  • Parent participation is important to YMCA Child Care.

YMCA Quality Statement

Parent evaluations, current research, and over 20 years of experience in delivering child care programs have helped us to define our Quality Checklist:

  • Children are happy and involved.
  • Educators have a caring attitude.
  • Centre, equipment and toys are accessible, clean, and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about YMCA Child Care? Check our FAQs for the answer!

Edmonton/Grande Prairie Child Care Handbook

Wood Buffalo Child Care Handbook