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Download our Spring ll Facility & Class Schedule (pdf) - April 27 - June 21, 2015


Membership Inquiries:

General Inquiries: (780) 452-YMCA (9622)

Program Inquiries:

General Inquiries: (780) 452-YMCA (9622)

Steve Ridley, Centre Manager
P: (780) 969-8931

Sandy Coull, Membership Director
P: (780) 969-8934

Jackie Bradt, Business Administrator
P: (780) 969-8939

Joy Prete, Facility Attendant Supervisor
P: (780) 969-8934

Donna Kennedy, Member Sales and Services Supervisor
P: (780) 969-8938



Kris Kushnerick, Program Director
P: (780) 969-8932          

Deb Bosker, Adult, Fitness & Lifestyle Group Fitness Supervisor
P: (780) 969-8936
Shandy Onishenko, Aquatics, Preschool, Child & Youth Supervisor
P: (780) 969-8944

Lorraine Gemmell, New Program Development Director
P: (780) 969-8946

Location and Facility Hours*

10211 102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 0A5
Main Ph: (780) 452-9622
Fax:(780) 428-9622

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm*

Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 7:00 pm*

Statutory Holidays
7:00 am - 4:00 pm*

*the pool & gym close 15 minutes before the facility closes.



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Don Wheaton Family YMCA Team
When first embarking on the path to a healthier lifestyle, know that our experienced staff will be there for support. We know the gym can sometimes be a confusing and intimidating place, which is why it’s so important that we make the YMCA experience as enjoyable and relaxed as possible. So whether you’re first starting out and need a hand learning how to use equipment or whether you’re an experienced gym-goer looking for suggestions on a new routine, YMCA staff will be there to help.

Centre Manager                                                        Steve Ridley
Program Director                                                      Kris Kushnerick         
Membership Director                                                Sandy Coull               
New Program Development Director                        Lorraine Gemmell     
AFL Group Fitness Supervisor                                 Deb Bosker                
AFL Individual Conditioning Supervisor                   
Aquatics, Preschool, Child & Youth Supervisor       Shandy Onishenko    
Business Administrator                                            Jackie Bradt               
Facility Attendant Supervisor                                   Joy Prete    
Facility Operator                                                       Steve Jensen                 
Member Sales & Services Supervisor                     Donna Kennedy