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Art Murphy – Castle Downs Family YMCA

Art Murphy has been a YMCA member for an astounding 21 years. A regular at the Castle Downs Family YMCA, Art originally joined the Y when he was working downtown and was looking for ways to keep active and relieve stress. 

Since joining the YMCA, he has found that exercising and staying active has had a great impact on his mental well-being, and allows him to stay in shape to maintain his active lifestyle. Art says that being active is what allows him to do whatever he wants to do in life!

While Art loves to exercise at the Y, he says his favourite thing about coming to the Castle Downs Family YMCA is the social experience. He appreciates the friendly, inclusive environment and likes interacting with the staff and volunteers.
“The YMCA is a community anchor, which I value,” says Art.

Art believes in supporting children to be strong and healthy, and to have access to programs that will help them lead active lives and find social inclusion. That’s why he supports YMCA Giving as a donor. And while Art is not an official YMCA volunteer, he is always ready to lend a hand, which the staff at Castle Downs Family YMCA greatly appreciates.

We love Art’s great attitude, and his smiling face is a welcome sight at the Castle Downs Family YMCA. We’re honoured to announce that Art Murphy is our new Castle Downs Family YMCA Featured Member!

Herb Zechel – Don Wheaton Family YMCA

Herb Zechel has been an important part of the Don Wheaton Family YMCA family for 11 years. He joined the Y with friends, and found friendly staff and excellent classes.

“Exercising and staying active has made me feel much better about myself physically and mentally,” Herb says.

Herb’s infectious positive attitude makes Don Wheaton Family YMCA a better place for everyone to work out. He believes the YMCA is of huge importance to the community, which is why he has donated to YMCA Giving in the past, and has been a volunteer for the last three years.

Herb has always been a great encouragement to those around him, which is why when he brought up an interest in volunteering, we knew he would be perfect for working with the Bridge to Wellness class. 
Bridge to Wellness helps those who have never worked out before, or who are recovering from an injury or illness, get into a regular fitness routine. 

The participants in this class appreciate Herb’s positive attitude, the way he truly enjoys the class, and his sense of humour. And we appreciate how dedicated and team-oriented he is!

Herb has taken his own positive experience staying active at the Y, and payed it forward to impact others along their health and wellness journey. We are so grateful to him for selflessly giving his time and talents to help others reach their goals at the Y.

We are proud to announce that Herb is the Don Wheaton Family YMCA Featured Member!

Melvin Wishewan – Jamie Platz Family YMCA

Melvin Wishewan is a familiar face around the Jamie Platz Family YMCA. A member for 14 years, Melvin has an inspiring weight loss story, along with an incredible attitude and zest for life.

Melvin first chose to join the YMCA because of the convenience, cost, and quality of the equipment, but since joining he has found a wonderful community that values inclusiveness. And Melvin is a welcome member of the YMCA family.

Melvin has lost over 100 pounds at the Y! This is no small accomplishment, and we are very proud of his commitment to his health and well-being. 

Melvin says that exercising and staying active has improved his life. He is happier, more confident, and experiences less anxiety. The results of his hard work are an inspiration to those around him.

He sums up his YMCA experience by saying, “it’s a great place to go!” He loves how the staff at Jamie Platz Family YMCA keep the facility in tip-top shape, and are always friendly.

We’re honoured that Melvin has chosen Jamie Platz Family YMCA as his place to be active. We’re proud to announce that he is our Jamie Platz Family YMCA Featured Member!

Matthew Spence – William Lutsky Family YMCA

A YMCA member for 28 years, Matt Spence is an inspiration to everyone at the William Lutsky Family YMCA.

Exercising and keeping active at the YMCA has made an incredible difference in his life. “I know for certain that I would be less mobile at this age without regular exercise,” Matt says. 

He enjoys the facility and the wide variety of programs, but his favourite part about the William Lutsky Family YMCA is the chance to meet and interact with so many friendly people.

“The staff and volunteers are excellent and are a fundamental resource,” he explains. “The Y is the people and not the building.”

Matt comes to the William Lutsky Family YMCA with his wife, Cynthia, seven days a week. He also donates to the YMCA, because he believes in our mission, and because he believes in helping families access health and fitness programs.

Matt is a great part of our community here at the William Lutsky Family YMCA, and we're proud to announce that he is our William Lutsky Family YMCA Featured Member!