instructor helping students using a cumpter

School success isn't always easy or simple.  A lot of people just need a little extra help to do well.  Get the help you need to reach your academic potential at the YMCA.

Literacy Learners 1

Literacy learners 1, formerly known as Project LEAP. Literacy Learners 1 is designed for students in grades 4-6. This program provides literacy support while increasing a positive attitude towards reading and writing. The program focuses on basic writing, reading, and comprehension skills. A variety of reading materials and fun activities will be used to improve your child’s confidence...

Literacy Learners 2

This program (formerly Book Club)is the follow-up to Literacy Learners 1 (it’s not a requirement, but it is, however, highly recommended). While exploring a chapter book, your child will discover and gain essential tools and methods to improve writing, reading, and comprehension skills. By the time your child finishes their session they will have read a chapter book and completed a very...

Brain and Train

A homework and exercise club for 9-12 year olds! Youth will get time to complete homework in a supportive environment and then have a chance to stay active and work towards and increased fitness level! The homework portion will take place in one of our board rooms and the fitness component will take place in the Studio.

Positive Discipline

During eight weekly sessions, Positive Discipline provides a foundation for parents through a set of principles that can be applied in a wide range of situations, not just those that occur during challenging times. Positive Discipline is about long-term solutions that help to develop a child’s self-discipline and will teach courtesy, non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and...