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Literacy Learners 2

This program is the follow-up to Literacy Learners 1 (it’s not a requirement, but it is, however, highly recommended).  While exploring a chapter book, your child will discover and gain essential tools and methods to improve writing, reading, and comprehension skills.  By the time your child finishes their session they will have read a chapter book and completed a very creative and unique book talk (a book summary with projects that develop a deeper understanding of the text).  They will have the opportunity to present their project to the class and family members during the last day of the session.  This program is
designed for students who are  Grades 4 - 6 .

•    Discovering the theme
•    Summarizing the plot
•    Determining the main ideas & important details
•    Developing a deeper understanding of literacy
•    Writing with clarity & purpose
•    Presenting to a group