Instructor Certifications

Would you like to help others with their health and wellness success? Become a YMCA Fitness Leader and share your love and passion for fitness, health and wellness.

YMCA fitness instructor courses include all the technical fitness requirements you need to be a Certified Fitness Leader within your chosen stream. Each course includes in-classroom fitness theory, fundamentals, applied learning, peer teaching plus post-classroom learning assignments and an apprenticeship.

Prerequisite: must have participated in that type of fitness regularly, current or previous participation accepted. Prior to registration, you must be approved by a YMCA Canada Fitness Trainer or a YMCA Fitness Supervisor (please see Member Services for more detail).

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First Aid/CPR Certifications

First Aid/CPR Certifications give you comprehensive knowledge covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. These courses are for those who want an in-depth understanding of first aid such as: medical/legal considerations, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, abdominal and chest injuries, burns and medical emergencies.

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Lifeguard Certifications

Become a certified lifeguard! The YMCA has the right course for your level of experience.

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We offer certifications in a variety of areas to help open up a world of opportunities.

Inspire others to lead active, healthier lives by getting certified as a fitness instructor through our YMCA Fitness Instructor program. Whether you want to lead group fitness classes or support people individually, we offer the training and resources you need to take the next step.

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    First Aid Certification

    Did you know the YMCA offers a variety of First Aid and CPR certification courses? Be prepared - it could save a life!

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    Lifeguard and Swim Instructor Courses

    Certification can lead to employment opportunities at the YMCA and elsewhere. You'll also develop leadership skills that can have a profound impact on your future success.

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    YMCA Certifications

    Our training programs are offered by trainers from both the Lifesaving Society and YMCA Canada. These organizations have been training people for over 100 years.