Returning to fitness after an extended period? Recovering from an injury or illness? Suffering from a chronic condition? We offer a variety of therapeutic and health management focused classes to get you back on track to safe fitness.

Break Through

This class introduces muscle, bone, and ligament strengthening exercises designed specifically for those with arthritis or osteoporosis.

Bridge to Wellness – Level 1

Bridge to Wellness is a YMCA program designed to help participants get started in a regular fitness program, develop social contacts and increase their general knowledge of health. Led by experienced staff, Bridge to Wellness will combine activities to improve participants’ balance, endurance, mobility, strength and confidence.

Bridge to Wellness – Level 2

Bridge to Wellness Level 2 is a YMCA program that builds on your success from Level 1 and is an excellent next step on your road to fitness. Led by experienced staff, Level 2 is designed to improve overall function, health, independence and quality of life. Participants will learn exercises to further increase their strength, endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility. Prerequisite:...


Joint and movement patterns that help regain strength from previous limitations, improve flexibility and prevent injuries and ageing.

Prescription to Get Active

To receive a Prescription To Get Active, talk to your family doctor or PCN health care team member. They will assess your health needs. In addition to utilizing partner recreation facilities like the YMCA, the Prescription To Get Active program encourages participants to engage in activity such as using community trails for walking, running and biking, public tennis courts, boating clubs, outdoor...

Stretch and Mobility

A Group Exercise class that focuses on increasingmobility in specific problem areas including hips,ankles and shoulders as well as learn how tostabilize muscle groups in the core. With a specificfocus on alignment and strength, ideallyparticipants will see the benefit of reduced pain,reduced muscle tightness and increased movementquality.

Walking Towards Balance

Walk your way to improved fitness, one step at a time. With the support of a certified YMCA instructor, participants will improve their cardiovascular fitness, core strength and confidence. Progressive activities will be offered including walking, strength activities and balance training. This program is ideal for the active older adult, those who are new to exercise and anyone who loves to walk!