Continue your pursuit of health, balance and harmony by expanding upon the many postures and techniques of yoga. Yoga, stretch and other mind and body classes improve circulation, strength and flexibility while increasing mindfulness and breath awareness.


Joga is an athletic based style of Yoga: a unique blend of postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation tools to find balance in strength and flexibility, improve breath control/recovery, and maintain a calm mind in sport and in life.

Meditation – Qi Gong

Sometimes referred to as Chinese or Daoist Yoga, Qi Gong is a gentle, restorative experience that promotes optimal physical and mental health. Learn some of the basics of Qi Gong including walking and standing meditation, the Five Element series and more. Join a certified Qi Gong instructor and explore these simple and effective techniques to cultivate a deeper mental and physical relaxation that...

Mind and Body – Bender Ball

Core workout on the floor using Bender Balls (mats and ball provided).

Mind and Body – Fusion

Improve your flexibility, range of motion and balance while lowering your stress. This class offers a combination of Yoga, Pilates and stretching.


Connect the breath with the movement of the body during the ‘flow’ of yoga and deepening into the ‘stretch’- allowing energy to flow and providing relaxation for the busy mind.

Stretch – Foam Roller

This class utilizes the foam roller to increase or decrease the challenge of many exercises from the regular Pilates repertoire.


Continue your pursuit of health, balance and harmony by expanding upon the many postures and techniques of yoga. These classes improve circulation, strength and flexibility while increasing mindfulness and breath awareness.

Yoga – Flow

An energizing yoga practice matching breath with movement. Postures build muscular and core strength, balance and stamina .

Yoga – Hatha

Focus on the breath and building inner strength. Breathing is key.

Yoga – Level 1

Yoga with a gentle touch designed for beginners and the active older adult. Poses will focus on developing balance, strength and flexibility.

Yoga – Restorative

Typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.

Yoga – Sleep

Yoga for sleep (with massage balls).

Yoga – Vinyasa

Flowing movement sequence in a circular path around the mat. Great for all yoga levels.

Yoga – Yin

Yin yoga targets the fascia with slow and static poses that are held for longer with a full range of motion. Your muscles will be more relaxed and your joints will be exercised to your full range of motions.

Yoga for Back Health

A yoga program for those who want to strengthen their back or those dealing with chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Poses are specifically designed to increase participants’ back strength and improve spinal alignment. Participants will feel reduced tension and soreness through safe and effective stretching while mindfully focusing on breath awareness and relaxation.


YogaChi is Physical, Intellectual and Meditative Quests in Life with the aim to attain a youthful versatile body to embrace a calm & peaceful "Intelligence" within. The Physical, Intellectual and Meditative Quests are primarily abstracted from Yoga, Tai Chi, & Chi Gong fusing into an exercise system called YogaChi.

YOUth Pilates

Youth juggle many daily challenges, both physically and mentally. Their busy lives include balancing the demands of school, sports, social pressures, sitting at desks and computers for hours, and carrying heavy backpacks. Pilates teaches physical skills, builds strength and increases flexibility while helping Youth to create a strong connection to their body – with the intention of...