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The YMCA Continuous Swim Model

At the YMCA, we know that it takes more than six to eight weeks to develop effective lifelong swimming and water-safety skills. That is why we are thrilled to offer the YMCA Canada continuous swim lesson model.

Members sign up for a convenient time slot that continues throughout the year. All levels will happen during the same time slot. If you have a family with several children, they can all participate at the same time, giving you the freedom to schedule other activities throughout the day.

Participants will progress at their own pace without the pressure of completing levels within the typical lesson set structure and time frame. Our new swim program provides continuous feedback and promotes relationship building between the instructor, swimmer and families.

You do not need to re-register if you are in a Continuous Swimming Lessons. You will only be removed from Continuous lessons if you do not meet our absence policy, put your membership on hold, cancel or your membership expires (and is lapsed).

NEW for 2017 | Swim Absences

Edmonton Region: Calling in for absences is no longer necessary.  You will only be removed from Continuous Swim Lessons if you miss four (4) classes in a row, put your membership on hold, cancel, or if your membership expires (and is lapsed). 

Wood Buffalo Region: If a registrant misses two swim classes in a row without advanced notice to the Aquatics Department, their registration will be withdrawn to allow space for those members on the wait list. 
To report an absence and maintain your spot, please fill out the online form.

New registrant? Changing days or times of your swimming class?

Welcoming your child into our swimming lessons and placing them into the appropriate class is our first priority.  New participants and those changing times will start in the Continuous Swim Program only on select week(s) each month.  On your child’s first day, they will complete an assessment to determine the class that is most appropriate for their comfort level and swimming ability.

Intake and class changes are only done on select weeks to minimize the disruption on those currently in lessons and to ensure a productive and seamless transition into the program for all swimmers!

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Jan 3 Mon, Jan 4 - Sun, Jan 10
Jan 31 Mon, Feb 1 - Sun, Feb 7
Feb 28 Mon, Feb 29 - Sun, Mar 6
Spring Break/Easter Fri, Mar 25 - Sun, Apr 1
Apr 3 Tue, Apr 4 - Sun, Apr 10
May 1 Mon, May 2 - Sun, May 8
May 29 Mon, May 30 - Sun, Jun 5
Jul 3 Mon, Jul 4 - Sun, Jul 10
Aug 1 Tue, Aug 2 - Mon, Aug 8
School Start Up/Labour Day Weekend Mon, Aug 29 - Mon, Sep 11
Sep 11 Mon, Sep 12 - Sun, Sep 18
Oct 10 Tue, Oct 11 - Mon, Oct 17
Nov 13 Mon, Nov 14 - Sun, Nov 20
Nov 27 Mon, Nov 28 - Sun, Dec 4
Rolling Over for 2017
(no movement in program)
Mon, Dec 5 - Sun, Jan 8, 2017
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Jan 4 Mon, Jan 9 - Sun, Jan 15
Feb 5 Mon, Feb 6 - Sun, Feb 12
Mar 5 Mon, Mar 6 - Sun, Mar 12
Apr 2 Mon, Apr 3 - Sun, Apr 9
Apr 30 Mon, May 1 - Sun, May 7
May 28 Mon, May 29 - Sun, Jun 4
Jul 2 Tue, Jul 4 - Mon, Jul 10
Aug 4 Tue, Aug 8 - Mon, Aug 14
Sep 10 Mon, Sep 11 - Sun, Sep 17
Oct 8 Tue, Oct 10 - Mon, Oct 16
Nov 12 Mon, Nov 13 - Sun, Nov 19
Nov 26 Mon, Nov 27 - Sun, Dec 3
Rolling over for 2017
(no movement in program)

Mon, Dec 4 - Mon, Jan 8, 2018