Adventure Race Training (Adult)

Are you training for an Adventure Race like the Spartan Race, Mud Hero, Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, Death Race, or another similar race? Come build the strength, stamina, endurance, and willpower to be able to conquer your adventure race. We have what it takes to prepare you; do you have what it takes to endure?

High Fitness (Adult)

HIGH Fitness is a hardcore fun fitness class that incorporates interval training with music you love, and intense easy to follow fitness choreography. It combines fun (pop songs old and new that you know and love), with intensity (intervals, plyometrics, and cardio), and consistency (each song has a specific routine). This makes a recipe for success, repeat participation, and results! HIGH Fitness produces a high caloric burn and full-body toning through its carefully formulated choreography, alternating between intense cardio peaks and toning tracks.

Jr. Nature Agents (3–5yrs)

Do you love the outdoors?  Our goal is to provide every child with the opportunity to experience adventure in an outdoor setting.  Exploration of nature increases children’s creativity and imagination, while developing an appreciation for the world around them.  Participants will do scavenger hunts, play games, create crafts, make friends, and have fun! 

Jr. NBA (5–7yrs)

This program is run by Basketball Alberta right at your local YMCA!  The Jr. NBA provides an entry-level basketball program for young children in a fun and active learning environment.   This program combines age-appropriate equipment (smaller/lighter basketball and lower adjustable hoops) with modified games.  Play will focus on the Active Start stage of the CS4L LTAD model (see Physical Literacy page).  Participants will also receive a Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball and an NBA Team T-shirt! 

Lil' Sportsters (3–5yrs)

Develop physical literacy skills with sport based games.  Lil’ Sportsters is a chance to introduce your child to the fun, friend-building world of team sports in this one day a week version of our popular camp.

Preschool Dance (3–5yrs)

Explore movement and music through creative dance.  This program aligns with the Physical Literacy goals of developing movement confidence, coordination, body awareness, and confidence in a fun environment.  Children are encouraged to express their individual style and use their imagination while discovering the world of dance. 

Silly Science (3–5yrs)

Silly Science is geared for active and curious preschoolers.  If your child has a passion for exploring and experimenting, they’ll have an outstanding time exploring the silly side of science.  Learn about slimy creatures, oozing fluids, and other disgusting stuff.  Come prepared to explore and get dirty. 

All Sorts of Play (3–12yrs)

Our All Sorts of Play program has a variety of activities on rotation for your child.  This program fosters social development and physical literacy skills, and allows your child to experience a variety of program options.  Every month a new schedule allows for new activities, including active and creative options like crafts, active play and sports. 

Nature Agents (6–12yrs)

Exploration of nature increases children’s creativity and imagination, while developing an appreciation for the world around them.  Participants will do scavenger hunts, play games, nature hikes, nature crafts, survival activities, make friends, and have fun! 

Sports of All Sorts (6–9yrs)

Calling all sportsters!  Participants will practice physical literacy skills in sport-based games.  Sports of all Sorts will focus on sports like soccer, floor hockey, basketball, and more!  This is a weekly program based on our popular camp. 

Youth Triathlon (8–15yrs)

A Triathlon combines three sports: swimming, biking and running.  Are you interested in learning more about Triathlons and the training behind the sport?  In this program, you’ll have the chance to try out all three triathlon events.  Through progressive distance training, we will encourage a positive and healthy attitude towards Physical activity, and inspire self-confidence.  The achievement of each athlete is recognized, and not just at the finish line.  This program ends with participation in a YMCA Triathlon event!