Epic Camp is a partnership camp run by Sportball at your local YMCA.  This full-day camp is specifically for our 6–9yr old Sportballers, and it’s going to be sweet!  Sportballers will learn nine different sports throughout the week.  Your Sportballer will be talking about Epic Time (hosted daily) for the rest of the summer, with water gun fights, sweet science experiments, amazing art challenges, dodgeball tournaments, Lego building, Nerf Gun challenges, and much more.  This camp is so fun that kids won’t even realize that they’re also improving their sports skills! 

Sportball Partnership Camps

Sportball encourages kids to “play with passion, play for fun” through innovative 
multi-sport programming.

Sportball was one of the first programs of its kind to focus on building developmentally-appropriate skills through non-competitive sports, games, and activities. Sportball continues to evolve to make sure that it delivers the best in sports programming for kids under 12yrs.  The YMCA is pleased to offer a new partnership camp with Sportball

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