Housing Supports

Housing First Programs:

As part of the provincial initiative to end homelessness in our province, we are currently offering two Housing First services in Grande Prairie. These programs are offered in collaboration with the City of Grande Prairie and other Housing First providers. The programs provide support to Individuals, couples or families who are experiencing homelessness, or are struggling to sustain their current housing and may be eligible for Housing First Services.

Centralized Assessment, Prevention and Diversion

The focus of Centralized Intake and Assessment is working with the community Housing First delivery agencies to ensure a comprehensive and timely response to people who seek housing supports and services.Centralized Intake and Assessment begins by assessing the eligibility of a person, couple or family for Housing First Services. Staff complete a Triage process with a client using a standard tool... Read more

CAIRN YMCA Permanent Supportive Housing

The YMCA Permanent Supportive Housing program is based on the Housing First principles and works with individuals, couples and families who are tenants at Cairn on the Boulevard, Willow Place or access other community-based housing options. The Program Staff work with individuals who would benefit from receiving on-going client supports in order to sustain their housing for the long-term, access... Read more

YMCA Permanent Supportive Housing Services

The YMCA of Northern Alberta began offering two Housing First services in Grande Prairie in collaboration with the Grande Prairie Municipality and other Housing First service providers in the community. The YMCA offers Centralized Intake and Assessment and Prevention and Diversion Services and Permanent Supportive Housing Services. Both programs embrace the Housing First principle that every... Read more

Why does a charity have gyms?

Why would we invest so much time and effort securing donations to build our Health, Fitness and Aquatics centres and then finding and training the fully-qualified staff and volunteers needed for such a massive and ongoing endeavour from which we do not make any profit?

We do it because the YMCA was created to help everyone reach their full potential mentally, emotionally and physically (the gym part). Our mandate to create life-enhancing opportunities for the growth and development of all people speaks to the mind's right to imagine, the body's right to move and the spirit's right to believe in itself. We believe that fulfilling your potential is everyone's right, every person's advantage and everybody's secret weapon.

The YMCA is a legally registered charity, including our gyms, and no one is turned away for the inability to pay. Please do not hesitate to ask at Member Services if you need financial assistance to access any of our facilities (including our 57 Child Care centres or to send a child or youth to one of our Day Camps).

We've been an entirely independent Edmonton charity for 109 years, including our Health, Fitness & Aquatics Centres, Summer Camps and Day Camps, 57 Child Cares, 20 Community Program Centres, 3 Housing Centres and 9 Service and Programs Centres.

We are a legally registered independent charity and we believe in equality of opportunity for all members of the community - regardless of age, race, sex, religion or economic circumstance. Through YMCA Financial Assistance (formerly the Opportunity Fund), our membership and program experience is available to low-income individuals and families in need. Drop in and ask how to get started! If you know anyone who could benefit from this program, please let them know.

  • Girl playing at YMCA Healthy Kids Day.
    YMCA Healthy Kids Day

    Join us from 12-3 pm on Sunday, May 28 for sports, games, vendors, prizes & more at YMCA Health Kids Day! All 100% FREE! Come out and meet members of our staff and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon. 

  • Youth at computers during the YMCA BTG program.
    Bridging the Gap - BTG

    Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a 16-week paid employment readiness program for youth between the ages of 15-30 years. During the 16 weeks we covering career planning, job search skills, resumes and cover letters, life skills, computer training, financial literacy, stress management, job shadowing, personal development, WHMIS and First Aid & CPR certifications. In addition, each participant will receive a 3 month YMCA membership pass.

  • A YMCA family in a program room.
    Youth Opportunity Fund

    The YMCA is Open to Everyone - Everyone deserves a chance.

    Through the Opportunity Fund, the YMCA membership and program eperience is available to families regardless of their ability to pay the full fees. Drop in and ask how you can get started! If you know someone who could benefit from this program, please let them know.

  • Denim & Diamonds Gala in support of YMCA Strong Kids
    Denim & Diamonds

    Join us on April 23, 2016 for a night to remember at the YMCA “Denim and Diamonds” in support of children and youth living with risk factors in Grande Prairie.