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Don Wheaton Family YMCA
Type of Position:
Placement Date:

Don Wheaton Family YMCA has (12-15) of the following volunteer opportunities available:

Junior Lifeguard Club Meet Assistant (12 - 15 positions available)

The YMCA of Edmonton is seeking individuals who enjoy water and contributing to a fun aquatics environment. The Volunteer will assist the Swim Meet Manager in organizing a friendly inter-club competition. Join the YMCA as a Volunteer and help our clubs experience an introduction to competitive lifesaving sport.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Head Scorer is responsible for the overall record keeping, calculation of results, and release of official results for all competition events.
  • Timers (8 positions available): Timers will be responsible for recording race times for athletes
  • Equipment Handlers (3 positions available): Ensure equipment is ready for upcoming race events, this position requires getting wet and physical fitness.
  • Judges (4 positions available): While judges play many roles, their principle responsibility will be to make sure competition events operate fairly and within AB/NWT rules and regulations. Judges’ order of-finish decisions are not subject to protest or appeal.
  • Chief Judge: The chief judge will be responsible to the area/sectional referee or event director, and will supervise or assist in the setting up of courses for the event. The chief judge will allocate duties and responsibilities to other judges in their area or event and locate and position them so as to best carry out their duties as judges and determine the finishing order and recording of event results.
  • Lane Judges (4 positions available): Lane judges will be a judge of fact in relation to the observation of the conduct of an event for the particular lane to which they are assigned. They will report any breach or infringement of the rules to the chief judge, or area/sectional referee or event director.
  • Deputy Referee: The Deputy Referee will assist in the conduct and organization of the competition, and in the absence of the chief referee, assume his or her authority and responsibility.The deputy referee will take control of a particular area of the competition with the chief referee’s authority or be assigned to a specific role or be designated a specific authority.
  • Competitor Liaison officers are responsible for liaising with competitors, coaches, team managers and competition officials to provide assistance related to rules, standards and procedures. They will advise the Chief Referee, Deputy Referee, Area/Sectional Referee or Event Director of any concerns raised by competitors, coaches or team managers relating to the courses or safety issues. They will also provide assistance and guidance for competitors, coaches and team managers on protest and appeal procedures and the best method of approach to the referee involved.


Education/Certifications/Credentials/Professional Registration

  • Minimum 12 years of age
  • Child Welfare & Police Security Clearance (will provide)
  • National Lifeguard an asset


  • Previous JLC meet experience an asset.


  • Basic knowledge of Junior Lifeguard Club
  • Good rapport with children
  • Able to take direction
  • A love of swimming!


  • Needed for 1 meets/season on Friday, March 3, 2017 from 4pm-9pm.

If this position interests you, please visit the centre to fill out paperwork.

Application Deadline