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If a Program does not have a Schedule connected to it (button at bottom right), it may not be available at this time, or it may be a personal program. Please contact your local YMCA Centre, or view our Program Guide (under the Programs navigation, above) for more information.

Health, Fitness & Aquatics


Swim Lessons


Participants are challenged to work on front and back floats and glides. Children will also discover the use of buoyant aids.


Participants are encouraged to develop deep water skills and spend time in the main pool. Instructors work with children to develop arm action and toward a front swim of up to 10 meters.


Participants will refine their front and back swims, explore deep water activities, and spend the majority of the time in the main pool.


Your child will be introduced to deep water jumping, surface support, continuing with breath control, floats and glides.

Adaptive Aquatics Drop-In

This course is designed for persons with cognitive orphysical disabilities, ages 3-16. Enjoy group activitiesand games, with focus on individual challenges andprogress to create fun, safe and social...

Lil' Dippers (3-5yrs)

Core Skills at a Glance: Bobbers: Hold wall kick and blow bubbles, front and back glide assisted, water hazards. Floaters: Bobs unassisted, front and back glide with kick 3m, how and when to wear a...

Learn to Swim (6-12yrs)

Your beginner-level swimmer will learn foundational swimming skills that will be applied throughout their future aquatic activities. They will improve their body awareness and motor skills as they...

Star Program

Your continuing swimmer will learn elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and increase their swimming distance by the end of Star 3. The optional items give your child opportunities to...

Star Leadership

Your competent and confident swimmer will build on their strong aquatic skills to learn basic first aid skills, to safely help others who are in trouble in the water, and to improve their physical...