Explore your community.
Meet new people!
Win prizes!
Pick up your 10 Parks in 10 Days Passport during any event, or in advance at YMCA’s Eagle Ridge Community Centre. Have your passport stamped as you visit each park and enter to win prizes at every location.
Prizes include:
Birthday Party at the YMCA
- Two hours in the multipurpose room
- One hour in the pool)
Pool Party at the YMCA
- Bring 15 friends for a pool party

August 8
Lions Park | 10am-12pm
3 Tolen Dr

August 9
Wood Buffalo Park | 12-2pm
195 Woodward Lane

August 10
Father Turcotte School Park | 2-4pm
8553 Franklin Ave

August 11
Syncrude Athletic Park | 2-4pm
101 Cartier Rd

August 12
Frank Spragins High School Park | 12-2pm
190 Tamarack Way

August 13
Lakewood Park | 2-4pm
160 Lougheed Dr

August 14
Parsons Creek Park | 10am-12pm
After the intersection of Heritage Dr and Dakin Dr

August 15
J. Howard Pew Memorial Family Park | 2-4pm
Entrance on McCormick Dr

August 16
Sister Mary Phillips School Park | 2-4pm
177 Dickins Dr

August 17
Family Picnic in the Park @ Borealis | 11am-3pm
10500 Morrison St