Since 1987, YMCAs in Canada have honoured individuals or groups in their communities who, without any special resources, demonstrate in their lives and activities the values of peace and understanding.

Why the YMCA Peace Medallion?
Many people and organizations do important peace-building work. Some have formal connections to the YMCA, while others live and work in our communities and have no current connection to the YMCA.

When we award YMCA Peace Medallions, we celebrate others’ contributions to peace—and show people inside and outside our YMCA that peace is a priority.

YMCA Peace Week and the Peace Medallion ceremony are opportunities to show by our actions that we see ourselves as part of the peace-building efforts in our communities, and that we recognize and appreciate the acts for peace taking place around us.

On Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Edmontonians gathered to honour the 2014 YMCA of Northern Alberta Peace Medal Award recipients:


Left to Right: St. Teresa Elementary School; Dr. Ken Luft; Nakita Kohan; Amnesty International - UofAlberta Chapter; Lana Buoy; and Robert Chapman, missing from photo. Left to right: Kids UnComplicated, SOS Saftey Magazine, Monty Jogadia, Leslie Weigl, Arsalan Ahmed, and Tanita Jade Dalusong (missing from photo).

  Congratulations to all of our Peace Medal nominees!

How does YMCA Peace Week connect with YMCA Global Initiatives?

Peace-building work can be local, international, or both. Sometimes peace-building work means sharing ideas and resources across borders. Sometimes it simply means reaching out to build connections and understand each other better. The global network of YMCAs has a long history of doing both.

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