Face Coverings (non-medical masks)

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COVID-19 - Face Masks -- Copy

As of August 1, 2020, face coverings (non-medical masks) are mandatory inside all YMCA facilities and offices. All members, program participants, staff and volunteers must wear a mask at all times while in common areas inside all YMCA facilities such as lobbies, hallways and change rooms. Members who enter a YMCA facility without a mask will be asked to wear one. A limited supply of face masks may be available at your YMCA health, fitness and aquatic centre should you forget one. A face covering includes a mask, balaclava, bandana, scarf, cloth or other similar items that cover the nose, mouth and chin without gapping.

In addition, masks or face coverings must be worn during low-intensity physical activity in accordance with the more recent Government of Alberta guidelines (CMOH Order-04 2021).

Also, if relevant to you, Melcor YMCA Village residents are exempt from this policy as this facility has separate guidelines and extensive health and safety protocols in place that are specific to those spaces.

Thank you for helping keep YMCA spaces healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy.