Corporate Investment
Until July 22, online registration will be temporarily unavailable while we switch to our new online experience.  Until then, please call 1-866-421-9622 or come in to your local YMCA to register for any programs, classes, or summer camps.
Corporate Investment
There are so many great organizations operating in our communities whose values closely align with those of the YMCA of Northern Alberta.  Our Corporate Donors are philanthropic organizations that see giving as an investment in healthy futures. 

The corporations who choose to invest in YMCA programming recognize that the health of our people and our community relies on ending homelessness, achieving better high school completion rates and employment readiness for our young people, helping kids read at a third grade level by third grade, overcoming food insecurity, and becoming part of a community.  

Corporations give to the YMCA of Northern Alberta because its services reach into the communities where their employees and customers live and work.  Investment made in each of our operating communities stays in that community.

Corporations may choose to align their investment with one of the YMCA’s targeted programs or contribute to the larger goal of health, wellness and belonging.  We commit to working with each of our corporate partners to create meaningful and appropriate means of recognition.

For more information, please call 780.429.5741 to speak to the Manager of Corporate Giving or click here to connect via email.