• Make Friends: make new friends through learning with games and songs.
  • Build Skills: blow bubbles, submersion, kicking, front & back glides, deep water skills, surface support, and diving.
  • Water Safe: identify water hazards, how and when to wear a personal flotation device, accessing EMS, boating safety, ice safety.
  • For Life: learn swimming skills that can be used to build swimming strokes and water-safety awareness.


Gaining comfort in the water, blowing bubbles with gradual facial immersion, front and back floats with assistance.



Must be comfortable entering and exiting the pool on their own, as well as putting their face in the water. To complete: child must be able to float on their front and back and swim 5m unassisted.



Must be able to float, swim 5m unassisted in shallow water. Must be comfortable beginning the transition from shallow to deep water with assistance.



Comfort in deep water. To complete: 10m back and front swim with leg and arm action, as well as front and back float in deep water.



Surface support for 30sec, front and back swim with arm action and flutter kick up to 15m, side breathing, face in with buoyant aid.



Front and back swim 25m, intro to front and back crawl, standing dive, and surface support for 45 seconds.