• Make Friends: make new friends through learning with activities and games.  May work in  partners or groups.
  • Build Skills: swimmers will improve their body awareness and motor skills as they submerge, kick, roll, and jump in the water.  They will be competent swimmers on their front and back when they complete Learn to Swim.
  • Water Safe: identify water hazards, using a personal flotation device, how to call for EMS, boating safety, ice safety.
  • For Life: learn swimming skills that can be used to build swimming strokes and water-safety awareness.


This level is for beginner swimmers.  To complete: submerge, holding breath, front and back float unassisted, front and back swim 5m.



Deep end activities on a more regular basis.  Build endurance and stamina to proceed onto length swimming.  To complete: surface support 20sec; front and back float in deep water unassisted; front and back swim 10m.



Build endurance and stamina for length swimming and instruction.  To complete: tread in deep water 45sec, front glide with kick, face in, side-breathing 15m, front and back swim with arm and leg action 15m.  Jump into deep water and swim 15m.



Introduction to length swimming.  To complete: initial standard front crawl 25m; back swim 25m; tread water 60sec; jump into deep water and swim 50m.