Caregiver-assisted children’s program to develop comfort in the water, familiarity with environment, and to promote water fun.

  • Make Friends: meet other parents interested in teaching their child the basics of learning to swim through games and songs.
  • Build Skills: some of the skills you will learn include learning how to hold and assist your child, entering and exiting the water safely, splashing and kicking, getting face wet, blowing bubbles and bobbing, assisted front and back floats, and towing.
  • Water Safe: introduction to water and water-safety awareness for the pool and at home.
  • For Life: parents and children begin to build water-safety knowledge and beginner swimming skills.


At this early stage, children are still learning a lot about their environment. The goal of Splashers is to make children and parents comfortable in the water together, and (of course) to learn to splash with arms and legs!



We work with you to introduce your child to new movements in the water, including holding the wall, kicking feet, and blowing bubbles. Parents get in on the fun by participating with their children.