• Make Friends: make new friends, learn lifesaving skills, share knowledge with new swimmers while working in partners and groups.
  • Build Skills: your competent and confident swimmer will build on their strong aquatic skills to improve their physical fitness, while building on advanced and competitive swimming skills.  This grouping has a component of learning how to teach others.
  • Water Safe: learn basic first aid skills to safely help others who are in trouble in the water.
  • For Life: learn competitive swimming strokes and turns, synchronized swimming, water polo, aquafit, lifesaving skills and teach others.

Star 5

To complete: swim 200m in under 6min; eggbeater kick 2min; butterfly initial standard 15m; breast stroke 50m advanced standard; sidestroke 25m intermediate standard; endurance swim 500m (20 lengths).


Star 6

To complete: rescue unconscious victim with obstructed airway; sidestroke 50m advanced standard; butterfly stroke 25m intermediate standard; endurance swim 600m (24 lengths); help teach a swim skill.


Star 7

To complete: recognition and care for bone/joint injuries; respiratory distress and asthma/anaphylaxis; create and deliver 3 fun activities for a stroke/skill; 400m swim in under 12min.