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Camp isn't just something to do when school's out — it's a life-changing experience!  Flags are captured, friendships are forged, and somewhere in between, children discover themselves.

As Canada's largest camp provider, we deliver a unique blend of quality programs that build confidence, improve social skills, and foster independence and leadership.  By building connections with other campers and YMCA staff, your child will be encouraged to reach for the best in themselves, and in others, every day — all while having fun!

Discover why there's no place like camp!

Helping young people grow up healthy, active and engaged is why the Y exists.  We’ve been providing camps for more than 100 years to help children and youth build confidence, leadership skills and environmental awareness.  Kids ages 4–16 can choose from a wide range of camps offered across Northern Alberta during summer months and school breaks.

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Day camps keep kids active, enable them to make new friends, and help them acquire valuable skills.

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Having trouble with online schedules?  Need help planning your child’s camp experience?  Contact your local YMCA and we would be happy to help.

PD Day Camps - Professional Development Day Camps

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    Summer Camps

    YMCA Summer Camps are designed to spark imagination, build confidence, independence, and communication skills.  Our camps offer activities, games, hands on learning, skills development, crafts, swimming, and more.

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    PD/PED Camps

    School's out for the day, so let's have some fun!  Bring your child in for a day of fun-filled games and crafts in a camp environment.

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    Calling all Youth!

    Come volunteer with the YMCA! As a charity, the YMCA relies on it's volunteers to help us provide community program support. Our youth volunteer opportunities include programs like Leaders in Training (LITs), Counsellors in Training (CITs), Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and Young Leaders Advisory Council (YLAC).

Why Does a Charity Have Summer Camps?

The YMCA offers summer camps to help everyone reach their full potential mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Our mandate to create life-enhancing opportunities for the growth and development of all people speaks to the mind's right to imagine, the body's right to move, and the spirit's right to believe in itself.  We believe that fulfilling your potential is everyone's right, every person's advantage, and everybody's secret weapon.

If you or anyone you know needs financial assistance to send a kid to camp, please talk to our Members Sales and Service team.  As a charity, we don't turn anyone away due to the inability to pay -- and Summer Camps and Day Camps are supported by our Opportunity Fund (which is funded by the donations of generous individuals and businesses to our YMCA Strong Kids Campaign).

If you'd like to help send a kid to camp, giving them an experience that will remain with them for the rest of their life, you can donate directly here: northernalberta.ymca.ca/Donate