Have questions about YMCA Child Care? We've got answers!

Depending on the location, YMCA Child Care Centers offer full time, part time and drop-in care. When our centers are at their maximum capacity and have a waitlist for care, YMCA Child Care programs will only offer full-time care. Early Years programs typically only offer full-time care due to the high demand for care for children 5 years and younger. You can view the options for care available at each centre on our website.


Waitlists are organized individually by each center. Every location has a different process dependent upon the volume of families that have to be waitlisted. It is best to contact the centre you are interested in attending to see what their waitlist policy is.

All centers regardless of location will charge a $25.00 waitlist fee and provide a tour to each family added to the waitlist. Waitlist spaces generally become available in July and September.

Waitlists are also categorized into four different priorities. We will accept children into our programs following four specific criteria:

  • Children of YMCA staff member
  • Siblings of children already attending a YMCA program
  • Transfers from other YMCA locations
  • The general public

All YMCA Child Care programs accept subsidized families. Families can apply for subsidy by clicking below.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that all subsidy information is correct and to reapply for subsidy when it expires. Parents will receive a subsidy approval letter with the date that their subsidy expires and their monthly fees. Parents must ensure they reapply for subsidy before the expiry date, or they may be subject to paying the full child care fee until a subsidy approval letter is produced.


The YMCA does not have hourly rates. Drop in care may be available at certain centers for AM’s, PM’s and Full Days. Please refer to the individual center pages for more information.


The YMCA only accepts pre-authorized payments through debit, Visa or MasterCard. The YMCA does not accept cash or cheques at any locations. YMCA Child Care centers are not equipped with debit and cash machines. If a payment is returned, a family will be required to make immediate payment at a YMCA Health Fitness and Recreation center, where payment processing is available. An NSF fee of $25.00 will be applied to the account.


Yes. YMCA Child Care centers operate year round with the exception of statutory holidays and weekends. At some locations, where registration is low or we have the ability to combine centers due to close proximity, centers may be closed for school breaks. We typically do not operate programs during school breaks for fewer than 10 children.


Child care programs in certain communities are in high demand. Many of our programs have large waitlists of families requiring immediate care. For programs that do have a waitlist, all families are required to pay the full fee during summer break even if their child does not attend to ensure care in the following school year. We cannot hold spaces for families over the summer when we have families who are waiting to attend the program. Families who choose not to pay the full time fee over the summer will be required to go back on the waitlist for September.

Child care centers that are full will work to bring children in for summer-only care to match them with a family who would like to take the summer off. In this instance, a family will not be required to pay the full fee as another family will be using their spot for the summer months.

If your Child Care center is not full with a waitlist, you will be able to pay for part time care (daily, weekly) during the summer months.

If a child is too ill to be in school, they are also too ill to be in a Child Care Program. We ask that parents please keep their ill children at home to prevent the spread of illness to other children and staff. YMCA Child Care centers will have outdoor play time each day. If you believe your child should not be participating in outdoor programs, please ensure you keep them at home. As per licensing regulation (AR 143/2008), if a staff member has reason to believe that a child is ill, the director must ensure that the child is immediately removed from the program (within 2 hours) by the parent and that the child does not return to the program until the director is satisfied that the child no longer poses a health risk. This may include producing a note from the child’s doctor.

Parents will be contacted to remove their child from the program if the child exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting has a fever, diarrhea or a new unexplained rash or cough;
  • Requires greater attention than can be provided without compromising the care of other children in the program; or
  • Displays any other illness of symptom that a staff member knows or believes may indicate the child poses a health risk to persons on the program’s premises.

All children should have a pair of clean, non-marking indoor shoes and an extra set of clothing in case of any accidents or spills. In certain circumstances (special activity days, field trips), parents may need to send other items with their child. In the summer months, parents are required to send a hat, sunscreen, bug spray and water bottle with their child. Children attending School Aged Care programs are required to bring lunches during school breaks.