April 25, 2018 - In partnership with the Provincial government 19 YMCA Early Years Child Care centres will offer $25/day child care ($546/month).  Please see FAQ for more info or email YMCAELCC@northernalberta.ymca.ca

Have questions about YMCA Child Care? We've got answers!

We require families use a pre-authorized payment plan.  The YMCA accepts payment by Visa, Master Card or Automatic Bank withdrawal.  YMCA Child Care programs do not accept cash.  The YMCA accepts one payment option per account.  Payment may be accepted from a third party payer (for example, parent/guardians that are separated and hold two accounts or a family and a relative on another account).  NSF payments are subject to an administration charge. 

Fees are charged monthly and payment must be made on the 1st of the month, the 15th of the month, or split equally between the two.  Children are not registered until payment is scheduled.

Full fees will be charged for weeks with statutory holidays and for children who miss any part of the week due to illness or vacation or choosing to not attend our field trips.  Children who participate in our School Age programs for the summer months only, will be required to make payments on the 1st of the month.


Child Care fees are tax deductible.  Official Tax Receipts will be provided prior to Federal tax deadlines.

Families are subject to late or uninformed absence fees, if applicable.

The YMCA implements regular fee increases.  A market assessment is completed prior to finalizing the increase amount.  Families will receive written notice, at least 30 days prior to the fee change. School Age care operates at an increased rate in July and August to cover the costs of fieldtrips, bussing and additional programming.

YMCA Child Care Programs are open Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm in Edmonton and Grande Prairie, 6:30am to 6:00pm in Spruce Grove and 6:00 am to 6:00 pm in Wood Buffalo unless otherwise stated.  Children are welcome to be dropped off for program anytime during our operational hours, however, we ask families to avoid drop off during scheduled nap times, when possible.

Yes. YMCA Child Care is closed on statutory holidays.  Days in lieu for statutory holidays are determined by the Association and take into consideration closure schedules for schools we serve.  The YMCA will poll families for care required on other non-stat holidays and non school days (examples: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve). Programs with low numbers may have care offered at another facility or reduced hours at the program.  All families will be notified in this instance.  The YMCA may provide full day care for children during Professional Development days.  Families of children that attend a school other than the one in which the program is based are required to provide two weeks notice. 

All Child Care programs in Edmonton will be closed on Easter Monday for our annual Professional Development day for all our Educators. 


Child care programs in certain communities are in high demand. Many of our programs have large waitlists of families requiring immediate care. For programs that do have a waitlist, all families are required to pay the full fee during summer break even if their child does not attend to ensure care in the following school year. We cannot hold spaces for families over the summer when we have families who are waiting to attend the program. Families who choose not to pay the full time fee over the summer will be required to go back on the waitlist for September.

Child care centers that are full will work to bring children in for summer-only care to match them with a family who would like to take the summer off. In this instance, a family will not be required to pay the full fee as another family will be using their spot for the summer months.

If your Child Care center is not full with a waitlist, you will be able to pay for part time care (daily, weekly) during the summer months.  When available, there is a fee for families wishing to remove their child from care to hold space.

If a child is too ill to be in school, they are also too ill to be in a Child Care Program. We ask that parent/guardians please keep their ill children at home to prevent the spread of illness to other children and Educators. YMCA Child Care centers will have outdoor play time each day. If you believe your child should not be participating in outdoor programs, please ensure you keep them at home. As per licensing regulation (AR 143/2008), if an Educator has reason to believe that a child is ill, the director must ensure that the child is immediately removed from the program (within 2 hours) by the parent and that the child does not return to the program until the director is satisfied that the child no longer poses a health risk. This may include producing a note from the child’s doctor.

Families will be contacted to remove their child from the program if the child exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting has a fever, diarrhea or a new unexplained rash or cough;
  • Requires greater attention than can be provided without compromising the care of other children in the program; or
  • Displays any other illness of symptom that a staff member knows or believes may indicate the child poses a health risk to persons on the program’s premises.

All children should have a pair of clean, non-marking indoor shoes and an extra set of clothing in case of any accidents or spills. In certain circumstances (special activity days, field trips), may need to send other items with their child. Some of our YMCA Early Years programs provide a catered lunch.  All YMCA Out of School Care and some Early Years programs require lunch to be provided by the parent/guardian, if necessary. 


The YMCA encourages parent/guardian/community/student volunteers in our programs.  Volunteers must be at least 13 years of age and in Grade 7.  Volunteers do not count towards the Educator to child ratio.  The time and tasks that volunteers are to be in program would be determined by the volunteer and Director.

Parent/guardian/community volunteers must complete a YMCA Volunteer or Orientation Package and training, that includes a Police Intervention Check with vulnerable sector search.  The YMCA of Northern Alberta has the right to decline a volunteer and to terminate volunteer involvement.