April 25, 2018 - In partnership with the Provincial government 19 YMCA Early Years Child Care centres will offer $25/day child care ($546/month).  Please see FAQ for more info or email YMCAELCC@northernalberta.ymca.ca

Have questions about YMCA Child Care? We've got answers!

The YMCA does not provide transportation to/from any of its programs, except for a few situations as indicated. 

The YMCA will accept children who arrive and leave by bus from alternate schools or programs, provided the necessary Support Child Care Funding and staffing is in place by the time enrollment begins.

In Edmonton, the YMCA also provides care for children who bus from St. Mary School to YMCA St. Monica due to the partnership between the two schools.  In Spruce Grove, the YMCA provides care for children who attend any school in the district and are transported by Charter Bus.


If a child has a diagnosis that requires additional supports in program, we ask families to provide this information prior to registration as we must have Educators/strategies in place prior to attendance, when appropriate.

If we find that a child may require additional supports to be successful in our program, we will work with the family to identify the best way to access the necessary resources.  We are committed to working with families to provide resources.

The YMCA may provide financial support for families in need on a temporary basis through our Strong Kids Opportunity Fund. 


Homework is available as a choice for School Aged children except during Gross Motor Activity.  Educators can aid children as per ratio requirements, but cannot offer tutoring. 

Children cannot start at a YMCA School Aged Program until they start attending Kindergarten classes in September. Children who have not yet started Kindergarten cannot attend a YMCA School Aged Program.

It is a requirement that children are signed in and out of the program.

When a child is picked up or dropped off by a parent or guardian, the parent or guardian must be greeted by an Educator and sign the child in or out on the attendance sheet.  This is another measure we take to ensure the safety of your child.


Children who attend YMCA programs will have a minimum of 60 minutes of outdoor play time each day.  Educators will evaluate the following risks and may limit or eliminate outdoor play during these conditions:

  • An outside temperature of -23°c and or temperature with a wind-chill to make the temperature -23°c (i.e. -18°c with wind chill is -23°c)
    • If the outside temperature is -30°c and/or -30°c temperature with a wind-chill, the YMCA will not transport children from the Child Care program to the school if children are inappropriately dressed.  Parent/guardians will be required to pick up and transport the children to school as needed.
  • Tornado Watch/Warning - spotting of green sky and funnel clouds
  • An outside temperature of 30°c or higher.
  • Heavy rain, freezing rain, ice covered grounds or playgrounds, hail or snowfall
  • High winds gusting over 50 km per hour
  • High UV rating of 11+(Extreme) children will not be outside during peak hours (11-4 PM)
  • High UV rating 8-10 will limit outside play between 11-4pm and/or ensure children have access to shade and water on a consistent basis
  • Air quality rating of above 10, children will not be outside
  • Air quality rating of 7-10, play will be limited as per Management’s discretion

Children are required to have adequate outdoor clothing for all weather conditions, provided by the parent/guardians.

Parent/guardians will be asked to supply safety equipment for any activities that occur using equipment from home (i.e.  Helmets for bicycle riding/rollerblading/skating). 

We work closely with our caterers to provide diverse and nutritionally balanced snacks and lunches.

All our programs provide a morning and an afternoon snack.  All snacks follow Canada’s Food Guide.  Snack is provided as a choice.  Some of our YMCA Early Years programs provide a catered lunch.  All YMCA Out of School Care and some Early Years programs require lunch to be provided by the parent/guardian, if necessary.  Educators will encourage healthy eating but will not force children to have snack or complete their lunches. 

YMCA menus are posted for families and Educators and will be reviewed by the Management team with input from Child Care programs.

While menu items will not be revised for children with allergies and food sensitivities, substitutions will be made if need be or the program will work with the family for the family to provide alternate items.

Many of our programs are designated as Nut Aware facilities and because of the nature of our programs and our involvement in the community it is not possible to be an entirely nut free facility. Your Director will notify you if your facility is not Nut Aware or has any allergy concerns.  We ask that parent/guardians do not send products containing nuts to any of our Child Care Programs.

It is our requirement that all children attending an Infant, Toddler or Preschool Early Years program have a rest period each day.  It is not necessary for a child to sleep, but he/she will be encouraged to.

Children under 12 months are provided a crib.  Children over 12 months are provided a mat and are located at least 1 meter apart.  All sleeping items are stored separately and sanitized weekly.

Yes.  The YMCA covers all field trips and entrance fees.  Off-site excursions are an important part of our programming as they provide children with the opportunity to take an active role in differing areas of our community.  Suitable opportunities are identified based upon the community in which the program is located and the children’s interests.

As with other aspects of the planning process, children will have the opportunity to suggest fieldtrip destinations. 

The YMCA will give minimum one week notice for out of boundary, off site excursion.  If parent/guardians choose not to send their children on field trips, they are required to make alternate arrangements for care.  The YMCA is not able to provide care for children who do not attend field trips.

Off site excursions take place in all weather conditions and children should be prepared accordingly.

Only the William Lutsky YMCA and Westglen YMCA have spaces for children under 19 months. Please call those centers for availability.