Want to add a little variety to group fitness classes? Just add water!

The properties of water will bring a new dynamic to your workout. The resistance of the water strengthens your muscles as you push and pull your body through the water. While moving at top speed, or any speed, your body weight is supported by the buoyancy of the water, so you reduce the impact on your joints as you improve your cardiovascular fitness. Led by trained YMCA Instructors, these classes offer a host of benefits for all fitness levels, and you'll appreciate the ability to control the intensity by modifying surface area, speed, and force of movements.

Aqua - Deep

Deep water aquafit allows you to use the resistance of the water in a full range of motion to maximize your workout. A non-impact cardio workout that strengthens the entire body using water resistance and flotation belts.

Aqua - Shallow

A low-impact cardiovascular workout held in the pool. The class allows you to use the water’s resistance to increase muscular strength while working to maximize your cardiovascular system. An ideal class for the active older adult or those just beginning to exercise.

Aqua – Baby and Me

This interactive aqua fitness class is designed specifically for parents and babies. It is a great opportunity for Moms or Dads to reintroduce exercise into their new routine while enjoying quality time with baby. Recommended for babies aged 4–18 months.

Aqua - Tone

Wake yourself up with this shallow water aqua class.Minimal choreography that will suit all levels offitness. You control the intensity, making it as hardor as easy as you like. This class is a combination of cardio and resistance training designed to increasethe heart rate. Great workout for abdominals,buttocks and thighs.

Aqua Jogging

You may not be able to walk on water, but youcan run in the pool! Aqua Jogging has long beenrecognized as a rehabilitation exercise for injuredathletes, but it’s also a wonderful workout in its own right. Any runner looking to increase hercardiovascular capacity minus wear and tear onmuscles should jump on in and also anyone who islooking to get there heart rate up. Mixing water andjogging...

Aqua Pilates

A Pilates class is the perfect opportunity to lookand feel better. Pilates is a fun workout that tonesyour body. Pilates focuses on strengtheningcore abdominal muscles with certain moves andbreathing techniques. A gentle low impact class inshallow water. The water reducing impact on thejoints by supporting up to 85% of body weight,making it a perfect environment for those withinjuries or...

Aqua Zumba®

The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. No dance experience required and suitable for all fitness levels. Public registration available (eight classes for $111). See Member Services for details.

H2O Boot Camp

A great cardiovascular workout using a buoyancybelt in the deep water. There is no impact on thejoints making it a perfect environment for thosewith injuries or limitations. Confidence in deepwater is required, if not you are more than welcome tojoin the class from the Shallow end. And don’tforget, this is a boot camp so be ready to rock it out.

Lane Swim

Get fit and enjoy the pool at your own pace. Lane swimming improves endurance, strength and lung capacity.

Warm Water

A class specifically designed for those with arthritis and other mobility issues. The shallow, warm water helps to relieve stiffness, increase range of motion and allow for a safe low-impact cardio and strength workout.

Water Polo

A new pilot program that provides an introduction to Water Polo. Come join us after work for fun games where the team sizes vary depending on participation. There will be a coach there to increase your skill in the game so no experience is required!

Youth Triathlon

A Triathlon combines three sports: swimming, biking and running. Are you interested in learning more about Triathlons and the training behind the sport? In this program, you’ll have the chance to try out all three triathlon events. Through progressive distance training, we will encourage a positive and healthy attitude towards Physical activity, and inspire self-confidence. The achievement...