We are what we eat! Naturally, the food you eat plays an important role in how you feel. Our programs help you learn how to make sustainable food choices and learn healthy preparation and eating habits.

Back to School Lunch Hero

Looking for back to school meal ideas for your child’s lunchbox? Learn to prepare healthy, cost effective meals that your child will love and take home a serving of what you create! Be a hero when your child opens up his/her lunchbox! Register early as this session will fill up fast.

Collective Kitchen

Join a group that meets once a week to cook for yourself or your family. The group chooses the menu, the facilitator purchases the food and the group creates the meals as a team. Members are asked to bring their own take away containers in order to take the meals home. The facilitator teaches basic nutrition throughout the class as well as basic food preparation skills including food safety....

Holiday Baking

Make Holiday Baking fun and easy! Get your holiday baking done as part of an energetic and festive group. Create a variety of favorite holiday baked goods together. Participants will bake five different holiday baked goods and take home a dozen of each variety. Register early, these sessions fill up fast!

Kids Can Cook – Parented

This parented program will give preschoolers the opportunity to cook and learn about safe food handling, nutrition and more. Please notify the program if registrant has any food allergies.

Kids Can Cook+

Your child will bring out their inner chef with weekly cooking sessions where kids get to take home what they cook. They will explore food through fun while learning basic cooking skills. Please advise us of any food restrictions or allergies. All are welcome!

Mason Jar Meals

Looking for different meal ideas? Learn new recipes, meet new people and take home a serving of what you create. Register early, these sessions fill up fast!

Spring Goodies Galore

Make baking fun and easy as part of an energetic group. Create a variety of spring goodies together. Participants will bake five different goodies and take home a dozen of each variety. Register early, these sessions fill up fast!

Summer Salads

Learn to prepare healthy and cost effective meals that you will love and take home a serving of what you create. Register early, these sessions fill up fast!

The Fundamentals of Pie

Have you always wished that you knew how tomake a mouthwatering pie? Come learn how withour expert instructor. Participants will learn how toprepare two different pies and will take home oneof each!

Get Pickling!

Get pickling at the YMCA! Join us for an afternoonof pickling and canning. Participants will learn tomake 3 different canned goods and will take homeone of each. We will provide the fruits, veggies andjars!

Lil' Chefs

Children will enjoy preparing and tasting a variety of simple recipes along with stories, crafts and simple kitchen skills.

Spice it Up

Sometimes all you need to add flavor is to add some spice! Come learn about spices from different parts of the world, get ideas for new dinner concepts, and try playing with spices you may not have heard of before. Dishes made in this class will include Chana Masala, Blackened Chicken Sandwiches, and Egyptian Stuffed Flatbread.

Cake Decorating Basics

Always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes but don’t know where to start, or are you unhappy with your results? This is the class for you! Ideal for beginners, we will cover details like crumb coats, icing making and consistency, spreading techniques, basic borders and colouring your icing. You’ll take home a six-inch cake that you’ve decorated yourself. Perfect for...

Make it Vegetarian

Not a big meat eater? Trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Make it Vegetarian will give you great meal concepts that will inspire your meatless dishes. This class includes discussions on protein replacement and nutritional balance in meals. Dishes made in this class will include Veggie Stuffed Quesadillas, Black Bean and Beet Burgers, and Curried Coconut Sweet Potato Soup.

Mexican Meals

Do you like your food hot and spicy? This is the class for you! Come out and learn about different types of chili powders, how to make a mouthwatering dish of rice, beans, and ham, and how to make enchiladas, and your own fresh salsa. Is your mouth watering yet?

Cooking with Dad

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than by spending time cooking with Dad? In this class, you’ll make a delicious and child-friendly three-course meal, with an appetizer, main course, and dessert. You’ll learn basic cooking skills, prepare the meal together, go over the aesthetics of plating and then sit down and enjoy the meal you create!

Let's Do Brunch

Eggs Benedict, cinnamon buns, fresh fruit salad, quiche, scones, homemade sausage patties, and stuffed potato hash – the possibilities are endless! Join us and learn how to make a selection of delicious brunch favourites.