The YMCA offers a variety of programs aimed at strengthening the foundations of community, from outreach programs to housing support services. For more information, check out our community programs and housing initiatives guide.

Edmonton Housing Supports

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Grande Prairie Housing Supports

Housing First Programs: As part of the provincial initiative to end homelessness in our province, we are currently offering two Housing First services in Grande Prairie. These programs are offered in collaboration with the City of Grande Prairie and other Housing First providers. The programs provide support to Individuals, couples or families who are experiencing homelessness, or are struggling to sustain their current housing and may be eligible for Housing First Services.

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Wood Buffalo Housing Supports

The YMCA of Northern Alberta provides Housing First services in our Wood Buffalo Region. The Housing First ICM Program embraces the principle of Housing First—that every person has the right to a safe, secure home.  The focus is on ending homelessness by providing permanent housing and follow-up support.  Individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness are housed first and then given appropriate supports to address barriers, establish relationships, access resources and improve skills to maintain their housing. Support is provided in an intensive case management setting where participant change is encouraged and promoted based on differing needs, personalities and motivations.

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