Basketball/Soccer Combo (6-9yrs)

Soccer Curriculum combined with Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB).  Progressive drills, skill-based games, and modified scrimmages will be used to improve competence in a fun atmosphere.

Bronze Club (8+yrs)

Are you interested in building strong knowledge, swim, and rescue skills?  Join Bronze Club, a fun, social way to learn all of the bronze skills - you will apply to future classes like Bronze Star, Medallion, and Cross certification programs. 

Cake Decorating I (16yrs+)

Introduction to Cake Decorating.  Become a whiz in the kitchen and make cakes for your friends and family to help celebrate birthdays and other special occasions.  We will provide you with a 6-inch cake and you will learn how to fill, stack, crumb coat, and ice it! 

Cake Decorating II (16yrs+)

Level II Cake decorating, participants are encouraged but not required to take Cake Decorating I first.  Delve into fondant work, making your delicious cakes into works of art!  We will provide you with a 6-inch cake, and you will provide the enthusiasm and creativity.  Learn how to make a giant fondant bow and simple but beautiful flowers.

Chopped YMCA (16yrs+)

Our play on the popular TV show - bring some friends and battle it out!  You will make an appetizer, entrée, and dessert with the mystery items provided, our judges will pick a winner and you will go home with a certificate and bragging rights! 

Herb Garden (16yrs+)

Don’t have a green thumb?  Don’t worry, we will guide you through the basics of how to create your own indoor herb garden.  We will provide all the materials you need and discuss some tips and tricks for successful indoor gardening.

Literacy Learners I (Grades 4–6)

Literacy learners 1, formerly known as Project LEAP.  Literacy Learners 1 is designed for students in grades 4-6.  This program provides literacy support while increasing a positive attitude towards reading and writing. 

Literacy Learners II (Grades 4–6)

This program is the follow-up to Literacy Learners 1 (it’s not a requirement, but it is, however, highly recommended).  While exploring a chapter book, your child will discover and gain essential tools and methods to improve writing, reading, and comprehension skills.  By the time your child finishes their session they will have read a chapter book and completed a very creative and unique book talk (a book summary with projects that develop a deeper understanding of the text).

Mermaid Swim School (8+yrs)

Mermaid Swim School is designed to help the potential Merfolk in your family learn how to use their “New Tails” in the water.  Mermaid Swim School has four levels that will progress your Merfolk from No Tail to Tail Expert.  We will teach movement, entries, new mer-skills, and games with and without tails. 

Positive Discipline (Family)

The Positive Discipline program will provide parents with a set of principles that can be applied to a wide range of parenting situations, not just those that occur during challenging times.  Positive Discipline is about finding long-term solutions to help develop your child’s self-discipline, and about teaching courtesy, non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights principles, and respect for others.  This program will focus on helping you build a mutually respectful relationship with your child. 

YMCA Purposeful Play Preschool (3-5yrs)

The YMCA is adding in a new Preschool Program to replace Fun Factory in September 2018.  The new program will include a new curriculum created by an education expert.  The focus of this new Preschool will be on YMCA Values, Socialization skills, Kindergarten preparation, and Physical Literacy.  Stay Tuned for details in February 2018 at your local YMCA.  In Person only Registration will begin on March 7, 2018 for YMCA Members and on April 4, 2018 for the public.

Seasonal Swim Lessons*: Make Friends, Build Skills, Water Safe: For Life (8–15yrs)

Seasonal Swim Lessons will use the Continuous Swim Lesson format (see Continuous Swim Lesson for level descriptions).  Seasonal lessons are different from Continuous swim lessons in that parents will be required to sign up for each season.  Registrations will not conveniently rollover from one season to the next.

*Seasonal Swim Lessons are not included with membership.

Yoga-Aquaboard (16+yrs)

Join us in the pool to try Yoga on our new inflatable Aqua Boards.  Try to stay dry during this new class.  We will test your balance, strengthen your core, build muscles, and tone your body.  Boards are provided.