Westwood Family YMCA


Your continuing swimmer will learn elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and increase their swimming distance by the end of Star 3. The optional items give your child opportunities to explore competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and aquafit.

Core Skills at a Glance:

Star 1: Whip kick on their back, and 75m endurance swim.
Star 2: Whip kick on their front, eggbeater as surface support and 100m endurance swim.
Star 3: Elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, and 200m endurance swim.

Westwood Family YMCA

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Star 1

To complete: front and back crawl initial standard; tread water 90sec; endurance swim of 75m; eggbeater 60sec.

Star 2

To complete: front and back crawl intermediate standard; elementary backstroke initial standard; endurance swim 100m (4 lengths) throughout program; tread water 2min.

Star 3

To complete: front and back crawl advanced standard; elementary backstroke intermediate standard; breast stroke initial standard; endurance swim 200m (8 lengths).