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If you are new to fitness or returning to fitness after an extended period, a certified YMCA Fitness and Lifestyle Coach will guide you through seven contacts in your first three months to ensure you are on a path to success. Contacts may include phone calls, email, program modifications and face-to-face meetings to help you break down the psychological and physical barriers associated with starting a fitness routine. This is a free benefit for members.
Edmonton  Wood Buffalo
Don Wheaton
Family YMCA

Lisa Paarup,
YMCA Experience Supervisor

Castle Downs
Family YMCA

Suzanne Dias,
Assistant Manager

Jamie Platz
Family YMCA

Samantha Gosse and Laura Stafford,
YMCA Experience Associates
William Lutsky
Family YMCA

Rahim Moloo and 
Anita Morgan,
YMCA Experience Supervisor
Family YMCA

Shannon Lewko,
Program Director

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  • A senior woman on a bicycle.
    Exercise for the Active Older Adult

    We offer a variety of programs targeted towards seniors looking to build fitness and socialize. From low-impact aquafit or cycle to gentle stretching and strengthening programs, come see what the Y can do for you.

  • A group cycle fitness class.
    Group Fitness Classes

    Working out is more fun with friends! Whether it's a registered or a drop-in program, the YMCA offers everything from Aquafit to Zumba! Grab a friend and join a class - you'll be glad you did.

  • YMCA staff with children in play care.
    FREE Child Minding!

    You can work out while they play! YMCA Play Care (Child Minding) is provided at many centres so that parents have the opportunity to enjoy the Y, knowing their child is nearby and receiving  quality care.