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Personal Trainers


  • NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer
  • CSEP/CPT Certified
  • YMCA Personal Trainer
  • MOSSA Group Power
  • TRX® Suspension Trainer®
  • National Coaching Certification Program
    - Multi-Sport Competition

Orginally from Edmonton North and a member of Castle Downs Family YMCA youth.  Amy enjoys many outdoor activities such as competitive soccer, snowboarding, camping, hiking, and cycling.

My enthusiasm and energy can be contagious and inspiring!  Passionate in injury recovery and athletic training, my goal is to assist individuals develop a healthier lifestyle and support their needs to move better, feel better, and have more energy without pain or restrictions

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the YMCA or the fitness and lifestyle department.


  • YMCA Personal Training
  • YMCA Group Fitness Instructor (Resistance)

Cecilia have been working for Castle Downs YMCA for 5 years as a Fitness Coach and a Group Fitness Instructor. 

I respect each person and want to help them reach their fitness goals.  I am very proud to know most of our regular members by name and to have built a relationship of trust with them.

I am an active promoter of the Strong Kids Campaign and feel honoured to work for such an amazing organization as the YMCA.






  • NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer
  • CSEP/CPT Certified
  • YMCA IC2 (Individual Conditioning)
  • CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

Orginally from Edmonton Alberta Gilles enjoys running, playing billiards, hiking outdoors, and organizing pool tournaments.  Currently taking an online nutrition course (Precision Nutrition).

I like to train all types of fitness but my strengths as a trainer are in weightlifting, corrective exercise, nutrition, aerobic training and educating clients on the steps to achieve lifestyle changes.

Through customized solutions I help clients by capitalizing on their own personal strengths, providing on-going education, motivation, support, and show how to achieve their desired results with a balanced approach.

If you ever have any questions about fitness or the YMCA, please do not hesitate to ask me as I will be more than happy to help you.


  • NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer
  • CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


  • 2018 Community Health Challenge Personal Trainer for Castle Downs Family YMCA
  • Currently pursuing Certification in Nutrition & Wellness.

Helping people find freedom in their lives and their own bodies is what drives my passion for fitness. I believe you should be able to do all the things you want to in life without your body or mind getting in the way, weather that be running a marathon or playing with your kids. I love seeing people reach their full potential and accomplish things they never thought they could. My goal is to help you build healthy habits, watch you crush your goals and be your biggest supporter through it all.



  • CSEP Certified
  • YMCA Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Group Fitness
    - Strength
    - Cyclefit
  • AFLCA Spin Instructor
  • NCCP Certified Coach in 5 Sports


  • 7 years as a Military Physical Education & Recreation Instructor (PERI)
  • 16 years as a civilian Fitness Instructor with the CAF
  • 7 years working part time at  Castle Downs Family YMCA

My professional career has been in fitness and sports but I believe in a back to basics fitness approach.  An active, healthy lifestyle, passed by example from parent to child beginning outside long before the gym.  My passions are camping and canoeing (peace & quiet).


  • YMCA Group Fitness Instructor
  • NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer

I started as a YMCA member and was drawn into group fitness because of diverse programs and excellent trainers. I enrolled into the NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer program to gain a better sense of awareness, appreciation, knowledge and understanding of training and assisting an individual achieve their physical goals.

I enjoy participating and competing in team sports; such as, basketball and volleyball. Since 2012, I’ve recreationally participated, performed and competed in salsa dancing competitions in Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Montreal, and Miami.

I want to promote and educate the importance and benefits of an active lifestyle by valuing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, opinions and beliefs, skills and abilities.




  • Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Personal Trainer
  • Degree in Physical sport with Education
    - Kigali Institute of Education, Rwanda


  • Over 8 years as personal trainer
  • Participated in Paralympic games of London 2012 as power lifting coach

My passion is fitness but I enjoy also soccer, swimming and biking.

You have one body and it’s the best investment you can ever make; heaLth is a priority not a commodity. I believe that with proper guidance every one can be successful in their fitness goals. 



  • YMCA Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Group Fitness
    - Resistance
    - Choreography
  • Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (CanFitPro)


  • YMCA – 5 years Workout Center, Group Fitness, Volunteering
  • Westmount Fitness – Group Fitness Instructor
  • City of Edmonton –Group Fitness Instructor

Supporting and encouraging individuals with their fitness growth, and helping them discover their potential is what I love to do. I am an enormous supporter of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.  My devotion is keeping active, reading, and spending time with family and friends, as well as my passion for fitness & wellness continues to grow.