Personal Trainers


  • YogaFit Level 1 & 2
  • University of Alberta
    - Bachelor of Physical Education
    - Current BScN Nursing Student

My interest in exercise has led me to some pretty exciting opportunities. I spent 6 years working with our Canadian Armed Forces, both in Halifax and here in Edmonton. Through that career I had the opportunity to travel the world, and also to see how fitness and exercise affected our soldiers both here at home and on deployment. But don’t worry, I’ve retired my drill Sargent voice!

For me, exercise is a more than just being fit. Through my years working in the industry, I have come to view exercise as medicine, and have seen first hand the effect it has when managing illness, mine included. I live with Type 1 diabetes, and helping others with diabetes is a particular passion of mine. If you’ve been living with it for a while, or have just been diagnosed and don’t know where to start, come and see me!

Being a nursing student keeps me busy, but has also helped me to further develop my knowledge of fitness and how it can be used effectively. As busy as I am, I always have time for my clients, or for a chat on the floor, so come and say hi! Sometimes I talk too much, but I promise you’ll always learn something new! See you on the floor.


“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  -Jim Rohn

  • CSEP/CPT Certified
  • OPEX Program Design Level 1
  • OPEX Assessment Level 1
I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Growing up I learned the sport of Judo, here at the Jamie Platz YMCA; at the Kodokwai Judo Club. Now I am passionate about indoor cycling classes, meeting new people, and naps! Recently I have taken on more administrative duties… sharing the responsibilities of the workout center coordinator position. As a personal trainer I specialize in corrective exercises, weight loss, and general fitness. 
I believe that establishing a good foundation can set you up for success and allow you to achieve your goals. It is important to take those baby steps to success, because a healthy and active lifestyle does not happen overnight. Whether you are looking to lose weight or improve your general fitness, I look forward to sharing my passion for fitness by applying these simple concepts to elevate your fitness to the next level.
Some of my passions and interests outside of fitness are reading and playing sports. Love to hang out at board game cafes with friends or go out for a movie. Types of exercise I like to do are HIITs and spin classes, anything that involves a good sweat!


  • Bachelor Kinesiology - U of A
  • Group Power
  • YMCA Aquafit & Strength
  • MOC Barre 1 & 2

Born and raised just outside of Spruce Grove, my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle started at a young age as a competitive athlete. After completing my diploma in Kinesiology & Sport Studies at RDC, I transferred to the U of A where I completed my degree with a concentration in Sports Performance in 2012. Upon graduating I started a three year contract with Edmonton Public School Board as a Fitness and Health Consultant while working for a private personal training studio in Spruce Grove, as well as an athletic trainer for youth sports teams (Hockey, Football, and Rugby). 

I joined the YMCA team in 2015 at William Lutsky and fell in love with this organization and the many ways it helps our community. I am now a YMCA Trainer, certifying future group fitness volunteers and personal training staff, a group fitness lover, and of course… a personal trainer. 

While my concentration is in sports performance, I enjoy working with weight loss clients, people looking to improve their strength, mobility & overall Quality of Life. 

I love all things active! Hiking, biking, walking my bulldog- Bentley, snowboarding, and being at my family cabin as much as possible. I am extremely passionate about traveling and enjoy experiencing food & culture in foreign places... I couldn't get enough chicken satay in Thailand!


  • YMCA Strength & Conditioning
  • Canfit Pro Personal Trainer

“Hi! I am one of your Personal Trainer at the Jamie Platz YMCA. I have been working part-time in different YMCA workout centres around Edmonton for the past 20 years! 

Through this time I have helped motivate many members to reach their goals through the power of positivity and physical fitness. Members enjoy working with me because I am able to bring out the best in all of my clients by recognizing what their needs and expectations are. I truly believe this is something for everyone.”

Knowledge, energy and her famous laugh are some of Leslie’s best attributes aside from her jovial spirit. Her professionalism and commitment to the YMCA values “Spirit, Mind & Body” show in her well-rounded approach to fitness. Feel free to book a fitness consultation or personal training session with Leslie or just approach her to say hi and introduce yourself.

I love golfing, hiking, skiing, working out, most activities outdoor activities, as well as reading, gardening, travelling, going to the lake and getting together with family and friends.


  • YMCA Fitness Trainer
  • AFLCA Portable Equipment
  • AFLCA Mind Body
  • Zumba
  • ViPR
  • Barre
  • Group Fight

My name is Lisa van Vliet and I was born to move, and there is no better way to move than teaching health and fitness as a Personal Trainer at the YMCA and teaching Group Fitness Classes! I am very passionate about being healthy: body, mind, spirit and soul. After I had my two sons my passion to keep fit continued to be ignited and I learned to run, which inspired me further to enter a 5km race, working my way up to enter a 16 km mountain trail race. I entered the group fitness world where I now have the ability to teach a wide variety of classes… Currently, my favourites are Barre (encouraging posture/alignment through foundational core exercises) and Group Fight (where my inner warrior comes alive teaching MMA and Muay Thai movements).

As a Personal Trainer, I love coaching Strength Exercises as I have been inspired by my own progress and increased strength. However, more than anything - I love to see the confidence people gain as they become stronger and more confident through the added benefit of gaining muscle while burning fat, helping them reach their goals and seeing their dreams become a reality.

I love the outdoors going for walks, hikes, runs or tackling a playground to get in a good workout. My most favorite thing to do though is spend quality time with my family whether it's watching a movie on our family movie nights, being monkey's at the indoor rock climbing gym or the YMCA, and eating out at our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant.