Who is Bill Rees?

Bill Rees

April 26,1928 to
February 3, 2017

For over 59 years, Bill Rees committed his life to volunteering across two YMCA’s, in Regina and Edmonton.  Although he began his volunteer career being volunt-told by his boss that he had a ‘volunteer’ opportunity that he couldn’t pass up, he became a role model for volunteerism.  He was a true gentleman and exemplified the highest values, moral and ethical standards, and was an incredible community builder, volunteer and a true philanthropist.  He gave generously of his time, his talents, experience, skills, and treasures. 

Bill had an incredible impact not only within our association but on Ys and a couple of other organizations across Canada and around the world.  He became a full-time volunteer in 1992 when he retired from the Government of Alberta.  

During his volunteer career at the YMCAs he held many volunteer positions in the YMCA, including youth advisor, fitness and learns to swim instructor, board member, and board chair and campaign chair. 

Bill was our YMCA elder and ambassador and inspired and motivated many, many people, young and old, each and every day with his energy, passion and enthusiasm.  Bill loved the YMCA and everything it stands for. 

In 2006, to honour Bill and his commitment to volunteerism we named these awards in his name.

Bill passed away at the age of 88.  Our Y will not be the same, but his memory and legacy will live on.

He will be greatly missed.

2018 Bill Rees Volunteer Awards Recipients

Volunteer of the Year 2018

Doug Straughan

Back row from left to right: Doreen Warwick-Foster, Program and Service Volunteer Award; Shirly Barry, Program and Service Volunteer Award; Don Jones, Program and Service Volunteer Award; Barbara Clark, Program and Service Volunteer Award; Alexis Blanchette-Arnold, Youth Volunteer Award.

Front Row from left to right: Chris Spady, Storytelling/Fundraisin Volunteer Award; Inge Telzerow, Spirit Volunteer Award; Amina Gowa, Program and Service Volunteer Award.

Missing from photo: Kim Mah, Program & Service Volunteer Award; Kevin Lu, Youth Volunteer Award and Sandra Thornton, Policy Volunteer Award