Fitness at Home

Fitness at Home

Take a virtual YMCA fitness class

YFitness is a video series from YMCAs in Canada that include workouts for everyone from beginners to experienced and includes workouts for those with reduced mobility. There's a great variety of YMCA fitness classes, being offered right now for free! Safety is key when excising. Please read the YThrive Home Health Disclaimer & Safety Warning before participating.

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YMCA Fitness at Home brings pre-recorded videos from your very own YMCA of Northern Alberta fitness instructors! Click here to view low-impact workouts or click here to view medium to high-impact workouts. We also have workouts specifically for youth as well! Click here to view those workouts. Please visit before participating.


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Get your family up and active with more free resources from Ever Active Schools and Edmonton Sport Council!

How can I stay safe while exercising at home?
  • What you do before your workout can help avoid injury. This is why another gym safety tip is to warm up beforehand. A warm-up can consist of many things, from stretching to a light jog. It’s important to get your heart rate up, and your muscles warm, before you move on to your main workout. You essentially want to prepare your body for what’s to come, so you can avoid possible injuries.
  • Stay focused on your exercise and minimize distractions.
  • Target at least 30 minutes’ exercise at moderate intensity daily.
  • Use the Internet to your advantage as your work toward your fitness goals. One of the best ways to perfect your form is to find videos of the particular exercise performed correctly. This will make it easier to emulate, and it will result in an improved workout. We have those videos here.
  • Drink water before, during and after a workout, as it helps improve your recovery.
  • Even if you work out on your own personal home fitness equipment, you still want to wipe down your equipment after you use it.