Our Y Family Gives

Our Y Family Gives

When you work or volunteer at the YMCA, you're more than just staff... you're family! Our Y family is a group of talented people who share a vision to build strong, thriving communities where everyone belongs and has the chance to live full, healthy lives. 

That's why our Y family gives.

When you contribute to YMCA Giving, you are having a profound impact on real people's lives. You're helping people in your community have access to health and wellness programs that could change their quality of life forever. You're helping kids grow and develop to their full potential. You're giving youth the chance to succeed. You're giving people the help they need to find secure housing, strengthen their family unit, or find long-term, meaningful employment.

We're so glad you're a part of our Y family. Thank you for your gift!


We asked some YMCA employees to share why they choose to give. 

Christopher Batdorf currently works part-time at Don Wheaton Family YMCA in Edmonton, and he gives a portion of his paycheque to YMCA Giving. Find out why:

Holly Christopher works in YMCA Child Care in Wood Buffalo who has seen the impact a donation to the YMCA has on families in her community. Here's her story:

My name is Holly, and I work in Child Care at the YMCA. I started as a Preschool Educator in Corner Brook, Newfoundland in 2006 after I finished my Early Childhood Education diploma. After I moved to Fort McMurray in June of 2007, I was an educator in the toddler room, and over the years I have had the privilege to further my career and became Senior Director, Child Care.

My first Y giving experience was donating $2 each Friday to wear jeans to work—totally worth it. But in my time here at the Y, I have been honoured to be a part of the impact that YMCA Giving has had on people in my community. It’s why I give.

I could talk forever about that positive impact. It’s something I’ve seen over and over again, just in YMCA Child Care alone. I have handed the tissues for the tears, I have received the hugs from the parents, I have seen the children grow, and I have built relationships with families in our community that mean so much to me.

Because of everyone’s generous donations to YMCA Giving, we were able to help a mom who was living in a home with domestic violence pay for child care so that she could have the time to find a job, get custody of her children, find housing, and make a life for herself and her children. That gift of one month of child care changed everything for her.

Because of YMCA Giving, we could provide a month of child care at no cost to a family who had their house burn down and lost everything. Our staff also donated toys and gifts to them, as it was just before Christmas and all of their gifts had been destroyed. Without the stress of child care costs that month, they could get back on their feet.

Because of the generosity of donors, we could cut the payments in half for one family whose father had lost his job and was actively looking with no luck. With a mortgage and two kids, they needed help—what a privilege it was to provide it to them.

I could keep going.

My own child attended YMCA Child Care, and as staff, I received a discount. Donating through my pay was an easy way to give back to those who didn’t have that same opportunity. He is now old enough to be home alone and I still choose to give. Donating $1000 over 26 pay periods is only $38 per cheque, and it comes off automatically so I don’t even have to think about it. It’s barely noticeable to me, but I know it will make an incredible difference to someone else.

If I can help one family, I know I have made an impact.

This October, I’m asking all YMCA staff and volunteers to join me in making that impact. Why? Because #OurYFamilyGives.