Create a Legacy for Tomorrow

Create a Legacy for Tomorrow

One of the greatest aspirations in life is to be remembered as a difference maker. You can make lasting impact by leaving a gift to The Edmonton YMCA Foundation through your estate plans. Legacy gifts are endowed, which means they are invested in perpetuity, with a portion of the investment income used to fund YMCA of Northern Alberta programs each year.

There are multiple ways you can make a gift through your estate, the simplest being:

  • Name the YMCA to receive a gift through your will
  • Donate a life insurance policy to the YMCA
  • Name the YMCA as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF
  • Make a gift using appreciated Publicly Traded Securities

Letting us know about your gift will qualify you to become a member of The Edmonton YMCA Foundation Heritage Club, which will allow us to celebrate your gift and keep you informed about the good work made possible by your generous contribution.

To learn more, contact:

Leona Yez
Manager, Planned Giving
P: 780-499-3627

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