A Life-Changing Bulletin Post

A Life-Changing Bulletin Post

Simi's Story 

Simi Multani, 28, has deep roots with the YMCA and has rebuilt her life with the support of four YMCA programs over the last several years. Almost 8 years ago, Simi was living at a local women’s shelter as a new, single mother to her 3-month-old son, while struggling with the challenges of young parenthood, developing life skills, and battling mental illness. Unsure of where to turn, she discovered a bulletin board at the shelter with a listing of local resources, and found a YMCA posting that completely changed her life.

Simi was one of the first residents in the new YMCA Melcor Village as well as one of the first participants to access the Family Allies program, which connected her to a Family Support Worker who helped guide and teach her critical life skills such as paying bills, budgeting, and grocery shopping. Through her Family Support Worker, Simi was referred to the YMCA’s Collective Kitchen program, where she was able to meet new people and learn how to cook nutritious meals for herself and her son. “I was never taught how to cook, so I didn’t even know the little things about cooking such as how to cut with a steak knife, or the difference between a shallot and an onion,” she explains.

In 2016, Simi joined Bridging the Gap (BTG), a YMCA program that provides life and employability skills to young people. “I was hoping to get a job when I joined the program and through BTG, I was able to strengthen my interview skills and land my first job, which was actually as a receptionist at the Bill Rees YMCA.” With a deep love for the Y, she hopes to work for the organization again in the future so she can give back to others.

“The Y is a huge part of my story and I hope to work for the Y one day and give back to the community,” she says. “I don’t know an organization that serves the community with so many different needs like the Y, and I hope to be a part of that.”

Simi is a strong advocate for the YMCA and hopes her story inspires others to join the YMCA family. She loves to bring awareness to the importance of the YMCA donors who make these programs a reality. “When I lived at Melcor, I would walk up and read the names of all the donors that made this all possible. I thank each and every donor from the bottom of my heart. The Y helped make me be able to do this all for my son. I hope he is proud of me.”