YMCA of Northern Alberta Calls 113th Annual General Meeting

March 31, 2021


To Our Voting Membership,

Since March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our YMCA and our programs and services. At various times since the pandemic began, the Alberta Government has declared a Public Health Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing non-essential businesses and organizations and/or specific programs and services to shut down. Group gatherings have been restricted and social distancing of six feet must be maintained. In addition, the City of Edmonton also declared a State of Local Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adding its own restrictions.

Based on these restrictions, plus our genuine concern for the health and safety of our members, participants, volunteers and staff, the Board of Directors will once again be postponing the YMCA Annual General Meeting from its usual time in the third week of April.

In order to complete the formal business requirements, the Board has now set the time, date and virtual location for the Annual General Meeting. The Board recognizes that restrictions are currently being eased, but does not see a time in the near future where bringing together our voting membership in person will be a safe decision. The Board recognizes that it is important to conduct the business required at the AGM, most notably:

  • Approval of 2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes;
  • Special Resolution to Amend Portions of the Bylaws;
  • Appointment of the Auditor; and
  • Election of new and re-election of Directors.

We will not be recognizing our volunteers at this meeting and will look to do that at a time when we can all get together in person and celebrate both making it through the pandemic, and the very valuable contribution our volunteers make each and every day.

Therefore, the Board has approved, for this year, to hold the Annual General Meeting through a virtual meeting program. The virtual meeting will allow all those who sign up for the meeting to observe and participate in the proceedings. The Board has committed to participate in this manner and therefore we are assured that a quorum will be established. The Board recognizes that our bylaws and good governance practices mean that all Voting Members must be invited to participate. The Board is in the process of approving the audited financial statements and commits to having those statements posted on our website, as has been our practice. The Board wants to balance the needs for the safety and health of all with the need to continue with required business and sharing of key information and decision making. The Board hopes that in these challenging times, our Voting Members will trust us to continue looking after the affairs of the Association and choose to view the results of the AGM after the fact.

If you, as a Voting Member feel that you want to participate in the AGM, in its online forum, we ask you to formally register by sending an email or calling Sabina Brouwer, Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and we will send you the virtual meeting link.

Email: Sabina.Brouwer@northernalberta.ymca.ca      Phone: 780-423-7502


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2021 YMCA of Northern Alberta Board Volunteer Recruitment Update: The YMCA of Northern Alberta wishes to inform you that with the ongoing complexities associated with Covid-19 and based on the recommendation of our Nominating Committee as supported by the Board of Directors, we will not be conducting a formal Board recruitment process for the 2021 AGM. As outlined in the Association's Bylaws, the Board of Directors shall consist of not less than 9, or more than 24 individuals. Currently, the Board of Directors consists of 15 Directors all of whom the Nominating Committee will recommend to the Voting Members at the 2021 Annual General Meeting to have their terms renewed or continued, thereby ensuring continuity of leadership at the Board level as the Association navigates the challenging situations facing us.

The next Board recruitment process will be planned for the fall of 2021, with the nominated individuals being brought forward at the Annual General Meeting in 2022.

We look forward to the day when we can re-activate all of our YMCA programs and services in central and northern Alberta.

Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement,

Signature of YMCA board of directors chair, John Corlett

John Corlett, Board Chair

YMCA of Northern Alberta

Signature of YMCA president and CEO, Nick Parkinson

Nick Parkinson, President & CEO

YMCA of Northern Alberta




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